F430 Scuderia Crash

This horrible Ferrari F430 Scuderia crash happened last Monday at 2:19 AM on the Motorway from Frankfurt to Cologne, Germany. The driver lost control of his Ferrari in the rain and crashed under the central guardrail. Due to high speed and bad weather conditions the car was lifted over the guardrail and ended up 80 metres (280ft) further in the other direction.

The fire-brigade freed the driver after first aid was administered. Hours later, when everything was cleaned up the fire-brigade was alarmed again. The driver awoke in the local hospital and told the authorities that there was a woman in the Ferrari at the moment of the crash. As there was no second person at the crash scene, it was presumed that the women had to be swung out of the car! After an intensive search nobody was found. In the end, the police found out that the driver dropped off the woman in Stuttgart before the accident!

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  1. The safety specs mean nothing @ 120+mph. The impact of 120mph is about 7x more powerful than 60 mph. No car is built for that.

    But what they ought to fucking fix are these stupid railings where cars get stuck under, this is the 3rd time i see the car get stuck under the railing when it crashes. That’s also how the Porsche test driver died.


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