BMW Z2 Roadster in California 01

It’s known for some months now that BMW officially gave a ‘GO’ to the new BMW Z2 Roadster project. The new German two seater will launch in the second half of 2012. Along with the Roadster, a Coupe model will also be available. The first spyshots have been unveiled given us a glimpse of the new vehicle hitting the roads in California, USA.

The Z2 is based on the next generation 1 Series platform, has rear wheel drive and a front-engine approach. Several engines are rumoured; an all-electric engine, a hybrid with range extender petrol engine and a line-up of 4-cylinder petrol engines with direct injection developing 150 horsepower in base versions all the way up to a turbocharged 300hp M-version. A double-clutch gearbox similar to Volkswagen/Audi’s is under consideration.

BMW Z2 Roadster in California 02

Credits to Christian!

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  1. Research needs to be done before posting things, that’s the new z4, probably an old “spy” photo. The Z2 is going to be a soft top and is much smaller. Take a look at the Z4 on bmwusa, the tail, length, doors, etc. are EXACTLY the same as this car. Unless they’re just changing the rear badge to say “Z2” instead.


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