Overkill - W209 CLK 'DTM AMG' (2)

A couple of days ago we brought you this Overkill CLK. Today we bring you another CLK spotted in Malaysia, this time its a W209 series CLK sporting a questionable CLK DTM AMG kit. Again we are unsure who has made this kit, but we have managed to rule it out as being the Inden Design kit.

Overkill - W209 CLK 'DTM AMG' (1)

Overkill - W209 CLK 'DTM AMG'

[Photo Credit: kuentzadam]

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  1. The badge could be overkill, but the bodykit is deff not.. its actually rather good quality.. it is in desperate need of better wheels, but thats it.. I again state that there are much much more wackier cars out there that fit the bill for overkill.


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