Bugatti Veyron Bleu Centenaire

It’s always interesting to see where a one-off ‘special edition’ hypercar went. When we first heard rumours of a Veyron to be released at this years Geneva Motorshow we braced ourselves for something really special… then we got the Bleu Centenaire. Short of around 350bhp, the Bleu Centenaire makes do with the standard cars 1001bhp and is added to the never ending line of special edition Bugatti Veyron’s. This one-off has recently been spotted patrolling the streets of London on Swiss plates.

The Bleu Centenaire is essentially a Bugatti Blue colored Sang Noir Veyron. It shares the same chrome line and re-designed wheels. The body work is a mixture of matte main coloring and a shiny central blue. It looks as though the car was spotted in one of the popular supercar haunts in Kensington near Harrods.

[Photo credits: Richard de Heus]


  1. This is getting ridiculous. The purpose of special editions is to make something that stands out of the crowd, but now there will be so many SEs that they might be close to majority.
    Anyway this one is a failure. The color is just wrong and the rims are wrong too.
    And BTW, the plate is from GEneva and the “Z” means they’re applying for residency. Not a good way to start.


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