Having grown tired of waiting for an R8 rival from BMW, Idries Noah decided to show us what he thinks such a car would look like. Noah, formerly employed by GM Holden’s design team in Australia, says that he drew much of his inspirations from nature.

He sees that the car should be powered by the 5 litre V10 currently found in the BMW M6 and should be uprated to around 536bhp. The car should share similar proportions to the R8. Not much needs to be said about the styling, take a look for yourself!


I grew impatient waiting for BMW to bring out an R8 rival, so I decided to design my own version of it.  The recipe was simple. It needed to look Aggressive, Sleek, Agile and totally different from anything on the road today.

Usually I’d study legendary cars and draw inspiration from that. When designing the Ferrari F250 concept e.g. I drew inspiration from cars like the Dino and 250GTO. This time however I needed
to clear my head and come up with something totally unique while still keeping some BMW details.

So elements like the trademark grille and hockey stick pillar remain. My inspiration for this design however came from nature. More specifically water and the way it flows and ripples. The side
detailing was inspired by what’s called in surfing terms “a Barrel or Tube


  1. I love the lines of this Concept. In reality I would like it to stay as is but further picture will be nice. Especially the interior and the performance stats. The new V8 twin turbo will perform very well in this light weight design. More pictures please.
    Thank you.


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