Perhaps this isn’t overkill, but we’ve certainly never seen an LP640 with a roof rack before! Professional Freestyle Skier Jon Olsson recently upgraded his camo Lamborghini Gallardo for an LP640 in sinister matte black! Etched in glossy text on the side of the car is YNIQ, the high-end goggle manufacturer that the Swedish star (now residing in Monaco) owns.

The LP640 features 4WD so we can’t imagine there would be much of a problem with using it on the snow… take a look at the video and pictures and let us know what you think!

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  1. good on him i see nothing wrong with that.
    he wants a cool car to cruise around in that is also practical for work!
    it’s could also be a black Murcie with a matte wrap with cutouts for the lettering.
    i’m sure it’s all reversible

  2. I like it alot! The two first pictures are mine, even if they are not credited to me… The pictures are taken on Strandvagen in Stockholm and Jon was kind enough to rev it a little for me…


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