Porsche are today mourning the loss of one their “most experienced test drivers”. The 51 year old lost his life on the Germany’s A5 autobahn between Frankfurt and Heidelberg. He was travelling in the 998 Cabriolet test mule at high speeds when his car hit the central reservation, the driver of a Panamera prototype travelling behind him managed to escape hitting the car. The accident happened at around 2.25am this morning, Friday 13th February. The car was out as part of an endurance test whereby 3 test drivers were to share a continous run of driving from around 8pm to 6am the following morning.

[Via FAZ.Net]

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  1. This is so sad. Tragic. I am so saddenned though I dont even like porsche that this happened on the autobahn.

    Looking at the license plate this vehicle was designated for the United State with the narrow license plates.

  2. Condolences to his family!

    The car wasn’t designated to USA. Our Cayenne diesel has American designed plates too :D
    Some test cars are produced in USA (desert tests) and wil be shipped to Germany for further tests.


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