Porsche’s customer car for race car drivers has been given a refresh for the 2009 season. Based on the 2009 GT3 RS, the RSR borrows heavily from the classic Carrera RSR 3.0 and Turbo models of the 70’s. The original cars were pivotal in extablishing the current range of 911’s turbocharger bias, since then however the six-cylinder boxer engine has grown in size from a measly 2.1 litres to the substantial 4 litre unit this car uses.

Power output is 331 kW (450 bhp) at 7,800 rpm and Max. Torque, 430 Nm at 7,250 rpm. Aerodynamics have been improved to make the car more driveable, much like you would expect from a hardcore focused racer. The large air intakes on the front bonnet give the car an agressive look, they serve to force more air into the cars radiators, part of the cars redesigned air flow system. The rear wing now has a wider adjustment range and the weight-optimised brake system and the lighter harness contribute to further improved handling.

There’s also a range of new features for easier use in race conditions. Only 20 RSR’s have been built and will be offered for sale by Porsche Motorsport for

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