Today, we thought we’d update you on the 2009 edition of the Bullrun Rally. It’s running from 10th July – 17th July 2009 and takes in from New York City to Austin, Texas. Thats 1,750 miles (2,816 Kilometers) point to point, no doubt there will be a few twists and turns to take in some of the sights, much like there was last year! Other than the start and finish location, Bullrun HQ are keeping the route a secret, both to fans and competitors so it’ll be a suprise for everyone as to where they end up every night!

7 days of driving and partying will greet the lucky participants. Among them will be the Trackstar Racing team, an exclusive club for celebrity drivers who are to announce their team closer to the start date for the event. The organisers are saying that the “Entry fee is $20,000 per car and covers you and your co-driver for your rally entry, accommodations, all meals, parties, rally apparel for the week of the rally”. Were looking forward to it!

Press Release

News on Bullrun 2009! Dates and Route Announced!

‘A Rollicking Road Rally!?New York Times


It’s here, Bullrun 2009 dates and route announced…are you ready? The ‘Most Glamourous Rally in the World’ returns -?6 years,?8 rallies and counting!

WHEN: 10th July – 17th July 2009

WHERE: New York City, NY -?Austin, Texas

‘Seriously, the best week of my life’ – Dennis Rodman

‘I’m more excited to do Bullrun than when I won the Indy 500’ – Mario Andretti

Bullrun kicks off with another amazing launch party right in the centre of Manhattan, New York on July 10th 2009. It is followed the next morning with another fantastic start line location right in the heart of Manhattan as the rally is officially started by a special guest star flag girl!

The rally will finish 7 days later at the incredible party city of Austin, Texas – the official party capital of Texas!

The remaining rally locations over the 7 days remain a mystery but Bullrunners can expect to swing by some incredible cities on they way!

As with every year, the ’09 drivers will be the stars of the rally’s own television show ‘Cops, Cars and Superstars’. The show is now in it’s 6th series and airing in 96 countries around the world!

What to expect –
fantastic cars, great people, exclusive track events and some very famous race circuits, some special guest VIPs?and music performances and of course, one hell of a good time!

To book your place see the further informatio below or?e-mail [email protected].

‘Bullrun is hot!’ – Paris Hilton

How do I get in…?

Email [email protected] with information about yourself and co-driver, how you heard about Bullrun, why you want to do Bullrun and what you intend to drive. Entry fees are? $20k.

This covers you and your co-driver for your rally entry, accommodations, all meals, parties, rally apparel for the week of the rally. Don?t forget, when you email us you need to tell us about yourself, why you want to participate in the rally and what you?re driving. THATS IT! We will then review your application and get back to you.

Existing Bullrunners?are guaranteed a place on the event until the 1st January 2009. After that we will fill the grid with the waiting list.

‘It’s the one thing I look forward to every single year’ – Hayden Christensen, Actor, Star Wars

Press Release

Trackstar-Racing has officially announced it will take part in the 2009 BullRun Rally.

Trackstar is the first exclusive celebrity Motorsport Club with members ranging from Oscar winning actors to Platinum selling artists and Fashion models to International Athletes from around the world with one common interest ?motorsport?.

The 2009 BullRun Rally will be a 7 day event kicking off on the 10th July 2009 with amazing launch party right in the centre of Manhattan, New York, whilst the finish line will be some 2000 miles south, in Austin, Texas!

All checkpoints along the 7 day route will remain top secret until the green lights flash, but BullRunners can expect to drive through the most amazing landscapes, visit incredible cities and take their cars on tracks to lay down rubber, and not to mention, party in some of the top venues in America!

The official Trackstar line up will be named closer to the date, but expect some serious driving when this celebrity team starts their engine!

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