9ff GT9-R

The first image of 9ff’s attempt at building the world’s fastest production car hit the web today. Last year 9ff already showed you the 9ff GT9 with 910 hp that reached a breathtaking top speed of 409 km/h. The next step however is the R version of this GT9, brace yourself: it has 1120 hp good for 1050Nm torque. Further performance figures are still undisclosed but we bet it will be fast, really, really fast!

The first image of the new 9ff GT9-R shows what we would imagine a 1120 hp Porsche 911 to look like. Fully functional air vents, front splitter, roof scoop and a big rear wing, this is a car the real speed freaks must have been waiting for. We look forward to see and hear 9ff’s fastest in action.

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  1. The problem is that there comes a time when more hp is useless because the air is braking the car so hard… But it looks definately really nice ;-)

  2. Useless no, less effective yes. Thrust has to be increased to the 4th power for an equivalent velocity increase i think it is and that’s thrust not crank HP. Whats the difference between an 800hp supra and a 1000hp supra in the 1/4 mile? Not much except a pile of money.


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