The forgotten Cadillac sports car has recieved a make-over by American tuning company D3 with a variety of packages available to inrease performance and differentiate it from the stock car. The headline features of this car are definately it’s power output figures.

The company has taken the top of the range XLR-V, added new spark plugs, a new air intake system, a new exhaust and tweaked the ECU taking power up from 443hp to 525hp. For those wanting more though, the company can apply two more stages of tuning 575hp and 600hp. They reconmend brake upgrades and a complete engine rebuild for these packages however to ensure that the car can cope with the new power. D3 also offer some styling extras including muffler tips, 18 or 19 inch alloys and new chrome grills, these are available on non-tuned cars as well.

[via motorauthority]


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