In the car with Alex Roy and Dave Maher on their record setting 31:04 run was Cory Welles, producer of the movie / documentary 32:07 dedicated to the transcontinental record time of 32:07 set by David Diem and Doug Turner in 1983. Alex Roy met Cory during his quest for answers about the transcontinental record and a team was soon born. On her website Cory just posted a bunch of pictures from the 80’s run the US Express and of course the record run revealing some more details about the car and the professional preparation the team had for the attempt, from weather patterns to high-end navigation and tracking equipment it’s all there!

But even better, Cory uploaded some videos from the record run with Alex Roy and Dave Maher on youtube. The entire record attempt is recorded on tape so this is just the beginning!

The first video shows Alex driving in Oklahoma, all we can say is that it’s a state where he really didn’t want to get caught. Just after Oklahoma City Alex Roy took over the wheel from Dave Maher and got back on the highway when the following happened:

The second video shows what the driving during the day was like on this record run. Alex focussed at the road ahead and co-driver Dave scouting the road ahead for troopers with the Tasco 8 x 40 binoculars fitted with a Kenyon KS-2 gyro stabilizer.

No comment, just watch:

The last video shows the rain that hit them over New Mexico. It really reminded me of the rainstorms we had in New Mexico on the Great American Run this summer. The really heavy rain and sandstorms in New Mexico make it almost impossible to drive anywhere near let alone over the speedlimit.

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