Team Tangospeed

Last weekend Tangospeed organised a party to celebrate Sten’s birthday and the launch of their Gumball Movie. When we arrived on friday we had dinner with Sten in the center of Oslo. After that we went to the Hard Rock Cafe to meet some norwegian friends of Sten. Later that evening Joe (Gumballer) came in from Sweden. This made the weekend to a small Gumball after party and a Carbon Black pre-party as HeCe, Tango, Sten and Joe are all doing Carbon Black in october.

The next morning we had to get up very early to drive to the airport that was about 2 hours away for a flight above the beautiful norwegian nature and sights. During dinner the night before I draw the shortest piece of wood which ment I had to drive to the airport the next morning with Sten and one of his buddies as passengers. When we arrived at the airport the pilot fueled up the plane and the other guys were there so we were ready to go. The sky was filled with clouds but the pilot promised we would have better wheater north east of the airport. And he was right, after about an hour the clouds moved aside for us to see the woods, fjords and glaciers. After about 2 hours some of the passengers were asleep so we decided to head back to the airport. We had great fun and a big thanks to the pilot for putting us back safely on the ground!

The plane

Clouds after departure

Small glacier

After the flight we went back to Oslo and had took some time to relax in our hotel. After that is what on to the BBQ at Sten’s place. When we arrived most people were already there and enjoying the whale meat (It’s a viking tradition to eat whale) that was served. After the unusual food we went to a place Sten booked for the party and the movie premiere. We had a couple drinks and as we waited for the premiere more people joined us.

Hans & Eirik with the party transport

The Tangospeed Gumball Movie is really worth looking forward to. The web release will be in two weeks. Then you can download the 22 minute movie from After the movie the party continued and most of us partied thru the night.

Sten & Joe

What does a schotsman wear under his kilt? Right, Tangospeed shorts ;)
Tangospeed Tangospeed

Next morning we met up at our hotel to have some lunch at a nearby TGI Fridays and say good bye to the ones leaving to foreign destinations. Altogether we had great fun and like to thank Sten and all the others for the great weekend.


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