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Bullrun update from Team Darkcyd Racing

Team Darkcyd

Hello to Everyone from the Big Apple,

Alot is going on and I still have to get up early so this will be relatviely brief. Well First, I would like to say that shipping a car to Manhattan for the Bull Run isnt the easiest thing to do because of parking and receiving issues. The Hotel Gansevoort which is one of the trendiest new boutique hotels in New York located in the meat packing district would not accept the cars, so I had to get someone I could trust to handle it. A buddy if mine who runs a hedge fund was willing to help with a freind who could receive them but since we have a five car team including a chase vehicle, I switched at the last minute and took an offer from a stranger Rob Ferreti who owns Gothem Dream cars, an exotic car rental place in New Jersey that was also joining us on the run. Our team this year consists of our Twin Turbo Lotus Esprit v8, Peter and Bulent our crazy German and Turk friends as we call them, in a Carrera GT3Rs, Bart another friend in a new Bentley Gt, Alex and Danyell some friends from the Players Run as well in a Lamborghini Galardo, and last but not least Jason our Gumball friend from Amsterdam, and my right hand man Aaron who I suprised with this event as a present.

I lucked out on the choice to have the cars shipped to Rob Ferretti because both the Bentley and my Esprit were damaged in shipping. The Bentley had the ride leveling system damaged, and , my Lotus which I drove up on the Carrier myself had the transmission damaged. The driver who was polite said he did nothing wrong but how do you not blame a guy when you drive up a perfect Lotus on the rack, and they have to roll it off because it will not go into any gear. Anyway Rob who had a mechanic on staff got one car to the Betley dealer hear in Manhattan, and had him tear apart half the interior of the Lotus to determine the shift linkage became detached due to the jolting of the car being in gear during transport. All ended up well and we all owe a big thanks to Rob and his staff who actually did not even get his own car ready in time which is an 800HP corvette being built be Chuck Mallet.

The scene when we arrived at the Hotel Gansevort was pretty crazy as all the car were getting prepped with scanners, radar jammer,CB’s, last minute repairs etc, and the fact that there is no parking really makes things difficult. We we lucky to be able to work it out to have the Bentley and the GT3 out in front of the hotel while the rest are in secure parking across the street. Tonight we had the drivers meeting and although all checkpoints are still secret, we determined through are own recon that we will be racing for Toronto and will end up at the Century Club somtime Saturday night. Speculation that the fist checkpoint will be either at Pocono Raceway or somewhere at Niagra falls. All cars are to be at Times Square by 8AM tommorow. You can see the launch with this link http://www.earthcam.com/usa/newyork/timessquare/
We expect after the cars are all shown off for about 2 hours since this is being fimed for Spike TV, we will actually luanch about 10AM, so if you are near NY might be worth a shot to see the action.

Lots of celebs started arriving for the event such as the infamous Dennis Rodman, Cory Feldman, Carl Louis, Boyd Coddington, Paris Hilton, Mario Andretti etc. etc. Also all the local Bull Run Celebs like the Cuban Brothers and Richard Rollins were in full carnival mode. Celeb stuff is not much of our thing so we stayed away from that action, except we did all go down to the private club for the Bullrunners at club NAIM on West 27th which was pretty crazy with everyone so excited about the start. You might want to set up a google news alert for Bullrun since I am sure we are all about to make news in several ways. some of these guys really want to win the first stage, and I personally expect several arrests.

Thats about all for now. Its 12AM and I need to get up at 6AM to get ready. Hopefully everythong goes well, and you get a reports from us once we reach Toronto





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