Cannonball Run Europe

Only a couple days to go before the start of the first 2006 Cannonball Run Europe. The first? Yes there will be two Cannonball Run Europe events this year! The first one will be held this July, the second one will start in September. We will cover this event here at!

From the official website:

Hardened veteran or first timer, the Summer 2006 event has something for everyone. It does not matter what you drive, only how you drive it!

Check out the previous events, read up on the madness and mayhem enjoyed by over 700 entrants over the last 4 years, download the application form, pay your deposit and start planning your entry into motoring history!

What’s going to be different about the July 2006 Cannonball run, starting in Surrey on 9th July? Well, it will be the first one organised by Jan Dechamps, who has bought the UK start franchise.

Jan has organised all sorts of events, conferences and parties all over the world, so Cannonballers can be sure that she will bring this experience to the Cannonball Run, and that promises nothing but even more fun, even more of a good time on upcoming events!

Of course, it would not be as much fun at all if Jan was just organising the event from the backstage, so as a driving enthusiast herself she will be driving on the Cannonball Run alongside everyone else. She has a fantastic new Cannonball promotional car to show off, and she will introduce it to everyone here on the website as soon as it is ready and liveried up in true Cannonball style!

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