Penny P

Day 7 – Viva Las Gumball

An interim report from me, as the Gumballers are continuing to head towards Las Vegas as I write…..

Some relief from the urban roads as the Gumballers had with a racetrack to play with. Toys and track can only amount to a grin-inducing and bum-cheek-clenching frenzy of metal around the circuit…..

The Noble scooted in first to LV after reportedly playing leap-frog with the checkpoint (such naughty Gumbabies; the Penny P School of Correction for YOU! ;p) – enough time for them to trundle into the hotel for a shower, some nosh-nosh and then potentially scurry down for a sneaky flutter.

The US police seem to be enforcing the law like it they had money riding on it – stories of Gumballers being pursued by hungry cops are filtering through. I’m all for drafting some Hungarian cops over to the US on secondment to exchange experiences…. and knowledge…..

The Flash Boys, Nods and Dean mentally battled a State Trooper in their modified Hummer-Lambo (like their original wheels, except bigger, beefier and a totally different colour)…. Ant and Pete have been giggling as they push another pin into their Voodoo Doll (check for further coverage). Interesting to see the events for N&D en route to LA; even more worrying could be their mishaps in the Mansion tomorrow night…..

…This is one of the difficulties, yet beauties, of Gumball logistics – not only are you faced with adapting with different cultures, languages, terrain and temperature… you’re also having to adapt to differing weights of the law. And take it on the chin of they do capture you…..

*ALERT* The US authorities are stealing drinking tokens from our lovelies with a vengeance! Any US Gumball addicts who are out and about and can use their cunning wit and guile to carefully distract this behaviour (we’re talking nicely devious, not dangerous ideas, here… ;p) would be most welcome. So, if there are any lasses who are married to State Troopers reading this, please do your duty and don your most slinky and tantalising lingerie gear, mesmerising wiggle and a smile that tells him that he won’t be going on official police duties today…..

Team Polizei are a beautiful bag-full of mischief tonight, with promises of tricks to be delivered….. hedging my bets on a spectacular set of fireworks (or one REALLY big one)…. Ka-Boom!

Tonight, the Gumbies are hitting Las Vegas – and are stepping Bow to the Wow, apparently with a show from The Doggmeister, Snoop (is he out of jail, yet? ) and will be getting some practice in for tomorrow night with an aftershow party to lubricate themselves and reflect on another day’s unbelievable driving.

We are entering the closing stages of another incredible year for the Gumball Rally. 8 days of unique mayhem and camaraderie that none of the participants and those of us who are committed to the Gumball Asylum of Worship will ever forget.

Tomorrow night, the Gumballers will make like bunnies and celebrate their success in the lavish surroundings of Heff’s Playboy Mansion. And another Gumballer will enter the legendary G3000 Hall of Fame as the Spirit of the Gumball is announced….

I’m not sure if I can chew any further through my knuckles with the excitement at this point…… so it’s time to start the guesswork on who’ll win what when the chaps are surrounded by a multitude of Krug and flesh tomorrow night…..



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