Well that’s it. After almost 800 miles we just arrived in Salt Lake City.

What a great drive !!! We started in the morning by filling up the tank.
As the same time a sheriff car was there. A nice lady (officer or
sheriff) came and started to talk to us. “Ah you’re the Joxes car. It’s
a shame I was not around to get your ass…”. She was smiling and
laughing. I told us if some state troopers or sheriff will the
patrolling on East 80 this morning. She told me: “they are on the West
side this morning. It’s wide open for you until 15 miles after the state
border with Utah”. I gave her one of my sponsor cap to thanks her and we
went back to the Interstate stronger and faster than ever.

The Ecario 350Z reached 180mph on the Interstate !!! It was great and so
much fun. Then, we arrived in Salt Lake City.

After checking at the hotel it was important to make some verification
and clean the car. We stopped by Jeffy Lubs to get an oil change. Before
leaving Santa Clara the has something like 700 miles now 1500. They did
a great job.

After the oil change it was more difficult to find a car wash. We found
one finally. They cleaned very well the car and they waxed it.

We came back to the hotel where we put our war paintings and some of our
sponsor’s stickers. The car is now ready and the Ecario 350Z looks
stunning. Many people in the garage came around took pictures and asked
us why we put stickers all over the car. Simple answer: Gumball !!!

We’ll be at The Great America Hotel around 1pm tomorrow. So do hesitate
to come by…

See you tomorrow,

Road Angel

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