Bugatti Veyron 16.4

As warmup for tomorrow nights Top Gear episode where Jeremy Clarkson will review the Bugatti Veyron, we decided to bring you this 12 minute review of the Bugatti Veyron first:

  • Part 1 (30MB – 5 minutes+)
  • Part 2 (50MB – 7 minutes+)
  • Especially the second part is worth downloading. The second part shows a lot of driving action, powersliding and burning rubber. Ignore the French talking and enjoy the video!


    1. cool video, an amazing machine…and it doesnt have a n engine cover! but well… it does have more cooling than my fridge
      anyways thanks
      ps: damn french interruption coments!

    2. Jeremy Clarckson drove from Alba (under Torino) to London in 12 hours, for Top Gear with a lot of humor in the Bugatti Veyron. Beautiful piece of art and camera work, where he later said he tried it to 240 miles p/h in the north of France. This car is, like they say the Concorde under the cars. Sensational, but beware and think far in forward!


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