Best of Gumball 3000 Rally 2005 videos!

The first part of the competition we wrote about earlier, with the $ 5000 price money, has ended. Now it’s time to check out the final results and vote for a winner! The videos are of very high quality this year. Some may be considered as the best streetracing video compilation ever.

Here are all the creative videos made by members of the Ultimate Rally board:

  • Video by 3-s-7 (75MB)

  • Video by LV (62MB)

  • Video by Ralfos (23MB)

  • Video by Stef25 (30MB)

  • Video by Swearbear (50MB)

  • Video by Terrabass (55MB)

    Great work 3-s-7, LV, Ralfos, Stef25, Swearbear and Terrabass!

    Terrabass won the competition! Congratulations Terrabass!

    All the participating cars and teams of the Gumball 3000 Rally 2005 can be found here.



    1. What is the music of Ralfos’s video ?
      When i see this video ,i’m going in extasy!
      I want to know the title or the artist of the music …


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