Kimble, the guy behind the upcoming Ultimate Rally is awarding $5,000 to the best video made in his Best of gumball 3000 competition!

There are only a few limitations:

  • Video max 8 minutes
  • Ultimate Rally logo at the start and end of the video
  • Video has to be finished before the 1st of December 2005
  • Go to the Ultimate Rally forum to find out more about the comptition!

    Good Luck!

    About the competition by Kimble:

    Hello everyone,

    Just like last year we will have another Editing Competition in 2005.
    We are looking for the best editor of the “Best of Gumball 2005” movie.

    The competition will start within the next 6 weeks. I am making this pre-announcement to give all of you the opportunity to collect as many video files of this years Gumball as possible, to find the best scenes, to create your movie.

    This year the winner will get a cash prize of USD 5000.
    Second prize is a Guest Pass for the Ultimate Rally.
    Third prize is a shopping voucher for the UR shop worth USD 1000.

    If you have any questions post them here and I am sure last years winners Swearbear and Ralfos will help you.

    Find a good editing software and do some training.
    Find the best Gumball 2005 scenes.
    Prepare them on your PC and start working on effects.
    And wait for this competition to be officially launched.

    This will be fun, AGAIN

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