The SSC Ultimate Aero scored a stunning number one position in the recent ‘Fastest American Car’ list of Forbes magazine. This list was based on topspeeds of factory-assembled vehicles by American manufacturers.

The SSC Ultimate Aero is one of the fastest cars to look forward to next year. The Ultimate Aero has a huge 1046 HP V8 engine. With the car weighing as much as a VW New Beetle that’s a guaranty for great performance. Talking about performance, SSC says the Ultimate Aero can reach speeds up to 273 mph based on Langley windtunnel calculations. A spokesperson of SSC wrote to Forbes that they did steady speeds of around 210 mph at a famous NASCAR track in Pennsylvania called Pocono with the Ultimate Aero. The question remains how well it handles. SSC plans to sell about 25 of these monsters worldwide.


Base Price: $654,500
Top Speed: 260+ mph (416 km/h+)
Horsepower: 1046 bhp @ 6950 rpm
0 to 60 mph: unknown
1/4 mile: unknown

The normal SSC Aero has ‘only’ 787 BHP and does the 0 to 60 mph in 2.94 seconds and the quarter mile in 10.98 seconds at 138 mph. We are really looking forward to see the performance of the Ultimate Aero. Here are some videos and pictures of the SSC Aero:


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SSC Aero SSC Aero
SSC Aero SSC Aero

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  1. I find this car really shit. It looks like a cheap copy of the diablo. What is buy a car for 300 000 and it has front lights from ford mondeo. This car doesnt give the right feeling of exclusivity. It is no problem to take a big engine, and then turbocharge it, it has to have something more then that. Over 1000hp? what do i need that for? I think 500hp the nice limit, and 600hp is cool, but 1000hp is useless

  2. oh, and also…for example the apollo, i find really good, because it is a true hightech sports car, that offers some real performance.
    Not like this tasteless useless american diablo copy

  3. I dont think that amricans can build any sort of cars, and especially not fast ones….every wannabe quick car they make is just a poor atempt.

  4. Hey KOR4, how can you say Americans cant build fast cars, especially sports cars. Visit and then re-think the things you just said. As I recall, in 1988, yes 1988, a small group of designers designed a Corvette that was faster than the new Veyron. It’s called a Calloway C-4 Sledgehammer. It had a top end of 254.7 mph. Then of corse there’s always the 1048 rwhp Lingenfelter Corvette. Check out hte dyno. Then there’s all the pro street muscle, some of which generate well over 5000bhp. You know, the ones that run high 3’s in the 1/4 mile and all of which are built from American big blocks by American gear-heads. And as far as the “poor attempt”, the automotive industry here in the U.S. tries to make competitive, yet affordable sports cars. Watch Le Mans some time. Corvette has been dominating Ferrari, Maseratti, and Astin Marten for like the past 5 years. Get a clue before you start knocking things you know nothing about

  5. Loushe, please dont give me your sad stories about how once in America…….and understand that American cars are shit. If you take a cadillac, and compare it with a mercedes, or an audi of the same class, you will always be better with the one from Europe.

  6. How about you do this, jump over to, sign up(it’s free), start slamming American sports cars in there. There are people there that know damn near everything about just about every car. Guess what, they are fans of everything, not just Euro shit. I never said anything about “once in America” either. To this day GM dominates the American Le Mans series. Oh and I failed to mention the Saleen S7TT. It puts up better numbers than the Mercedes Mc Laren F1 and cost around $300,000 less. Or do you even know what that is. Calling American sports cars crap is way out of line and completely unfounded. Know your shit before you start slamming something you know nothing about. And about the Lingenfelter 1038hp Corvette, it’s brand new (2006 model C6 Vette) and has an estimated top end around 275mph yet will only run the average Bad Ass American around $150,000. Lingenfelter has been building Vettes since you where born. If he can make a $65,000 ($150,000 with his performance package) sports car run with the likes of Mc Laren($880,000), Ferrari Enzo($600,000 and you had to be hand selected by Ferrari to own it anyways), and the Bugatti Veyron ($1.4 million) then I’d say he knows his shit.

  7. And about he “high tech” trannies, why do you think they do what they do? To keep the cost down, so the average person can afford them. They aren’t made to race, they are made to drive.

  8. Accually the info I’ve provided is fact. Sorry dude, but people that put down American sports cars evidently know nothing about them. To say that American sports cars are crap is stupid. That would be the same as me saying European sporst cars are crap. Simply because I know they aren’t.

  9. I’m sorry if I’ve offended anyone. You should check out that video though. It provides proof that America still has some tricks up their slieves. Lamborgini Gallardo vs. Chevrolet Corvette C5 Z06. $160,000 vs. $55,000.

  10. One more thing the SSC Ulitmate Aero (SSC stands for Shelby Super Cars). Meening Carol Shelby, the man responsible for the Covette in the early 50’s and the man responsible for the Shelby Cobras and many others. Yes he’s an American designer, has worked for both GM and Ford Motor Sports. Look at what kind of power that car produces. Hint, hint, it’s an American Supercar. Very beautiful one at that. Kinda looks like a CCR Koenigsegg(cant spell it) crossed with an Ascari KZ-1.

  11. Loushe, your “facts” are not convincing me. I dont really care that there is a corvette with over 1000hp somewhere in the us. Here in Europe, we also have a Mercedes tuner, who can tune the Mercedes sl 6liter engine to have 1300hp, but this doesnt really show if the cars are good or not. You can always go, and tune the cars even more, and no matter how much horsepower thay are going to have, there will always be another one out there, that will have more. It is just a matter of how far you are going to go with the tuning. If you would read my first post…it takes more to build a supercar than to just take a huge engine and supercharge it, and the more horsepower doesnt always mean the better.

  12. Thats exactly the problem with this corvette. Just face the fact its not a supercar. It might have a strong engine, but its a very simple car, and it probably has very bad handling. The corvette is a pretty heavy, not very agile sportster, and the fact that it has a lot of hp wont help it.

  13. I dont think that the american car industry has made a big advance in the last 10 years. All your cars are just very simple gasoline sucking monsters

  14. Ok. Like i said before…chevrolet has dominated le mans for the past 5 years…….look for yourself….it has been beating the ferarri saleen s7(which is an american supercar)..maseratti so on and so forth…i obviously know what im talking about..You Dont..all you know about is european sports cars..i know about them before you go running your mouth like you are what ive typed and learn from not knocking european supercars but im an american and american supercars are the best

  15. “Thats exactly the problem with this corvette. Just face the fact its not a supercar. It might have a strong engine, but its a very simple car, and it probably has very bad handling. The corvette is a pretty heavy, not very agile sportster, and the fact that it has a lot of hp wont help it.”- Origional quote by Ko4n.

    You’ve been watching too much Top Gear. Mr.Clarkson(however you spell it) has got to be the most biased ass on this planet. To call him a car guy is an insult to all people who love cars.
    You’ve obviously noticed that I’m a Corvette nut. You need to know that my second choice is a Ferrari 360 Modena. So the things I tell you are exact fact. I happen to love all “Supercars”.
    Yes the Europeans have much more technology in their vehicles. They also sell for between 2 and 15 times the cost of a Z06. America has the same technology. We simply cannot use it unless we want to loose our asses simply because the average person in the U.S. cannot afford something as advanced as a Ferrari Enzo. We would have to sell it for most likely double the price of an average selling Ferrari like the 360 Modena. Also why would we put all that technology in a vehicle we’re never “legally” going to be able to use. We have nothing like the Audobon here. We have speed limits and traffic laws everywhere.
    The new Z06 pulls .97g’s on the skid pad. Not bad for old school technology. With all the “super technology” Ferrari Enzo has they where able to get 1.05g’s on the skid pad. Believe it or not, not much better. Last I checked, Chevrolet C5R Corvettes pushed 2.1g’s on the skid pad, with pretty much the same “Old School” technology they run in their stock C5’s.
    As far as being gas guzzlers, I’ll agree with you on that one. See though the U.S. pays to drill the very same fuel all other countries are using. Besides most of your exotics get poor fuel mileage as well. We accually have some vehicles here that get better than 50mpg. The new Corvette gets like 26mpg on the highway and 15-19 in the city I think. Thats one thing I’m not too sure about.
    One more thing, the Corvette with 1038 rear wheel horsepower has a 5.7L V8 (349.5ci.). If my figures are correct the 6.0L(something like 380ci.) engine you are talking about is a V12. so not only does it have .3L of displacment on the Vette, it also has 4 more combustion chambers or “cylanders”. Major advantage right off the get go. Hell I like Mercedes as well.

  16. Ignore them Loushe. They are just jealous Europeans that are mad that the American juggernaut is rooting them out of everything. The USA has the world’s largest automobile company, not Europe. We also have more exotic car companies than they do; we have SSC, Saleen, Evans, Panoz, Dodge, Chrysler, Corvette, Ford, and several others. As Europe’s population plunges by half in this century, and America has grown to over a billion, they won’t have anyone left to make cars!

  17. well horsepower is not anything cause if u got no aerodynamics then no top speed record.i like both european and american cars(especially saleen s7 twin turbo)but this ultimate aero looks quite a nice car and has aerodynamics with a hugh horsepowered engine.i wouldnt be surprised if it beat the veyron however if the veyron took off the speed limiter im not sure if this car could beat the veyron.(im not here to argue about european supercars and american supercars cause i love them just a 13 year old kid)

  18. just thought i’d throw my two cents in, SSC does in fact stand for Shelby Super Cars…however, its not Carol Shelby. The owner’s name is Jarod Shelby. If you go to the SSC website, scroll to the bottom and you’ll find a disclaimer stating that SSC is in no way affiliated with Carol Shelby. I personally like the SSC Aero for two reasons. 1. I live in the same city the Aero is built, so i’m kinda rootin for the home team if ya get what im sayin….and second, I think its pretty cool that a small company can come out of no-where and challenge the likes of major car companies like buggati, ferrari, lamborghini, ford, and anything else you want to throw in. We’ll have to see just how good the underdog can stack up against them now won’t we?

  19. Well the veyron only has a top end of 254. Impressive yeah but not that great for a $1.4 million car. Calloway Sledgehammer C4 Corvette has a top end of 254.7 wich isnt much faster but hell at roughly $400,000 or less(I’m guessing) its a hell of alot better. Like I said before the Corvette C6 with the best Lingenfelter package delivers over 1000bhp and has an estimated top end of over 275mph. The car smokes the hell out of its tires on the dyno pad for cryin out load. The car doesn’t cost any where near $1.4 million let alone $250,000.
    Thanks for the correction Quebect. I wasn’t too sure I just simply know it is no where close to being the typical European exoctic. Much faster and a hell of alot better looking then most. Kor4 simply got my blood rising and I was basically blowing off steam.
    I too like some of the Foreign exotics but when it comes down to automakers I’m always gonna root for Chevrolet. I’m a bang for the buck kind of guy. GM always wins my vote. Also I totally agree with all of you. The Saleen S7TT is one bad ass car. So isn’t this Aero. It’s got my vote. The problem with alot of people, especially Europeans, is they base their facts on that Top Gear tv show. I’ve seen it. They are so fucking bias that I would call them sports car enthusiasts. The main dick drives a Ferrari F50. His favorite cars are Ferraris. Go figure. Not to mention the Euros hate Americans anyways. Same with the Britts. I wanna see Oliver Gavin ( drives the #4 C5R for Corvette Racing) test drive these new American supercars and see what he thinks. Instead of all these foreigners who do nothing but condem them. We dont do that with their cars. I like Koenessegg, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Cerbera. I dont condem them except when people start knocking our cars.

  20. I’m glad there are still some American car lovers out there. We are a dying breed. Especially since our taxes get higher while the foreigners continue to shit their shit in free of charge because we as the consumers pay for the whole damn thing.

  21. listen yanks, kor4 is right, european cars are runnin the scene, and it looks as if its a bitter pill to swallow for you lot! sorry to tell u this, but its true, american cars are second rate, whatever you try to say to defend them!

  22. In response to The G andGumball 3000

    Listen to base your facts on what Top Gear has to say is stupid concidering they are biased. I’ve seen the show. They are biased. And once again,, go there. European cars do not dominate American cars. Sorry folks. Corvette, the so called second rate sports car, has been dominate for the past 5 years. So for their “out-of-date” technology, it must be better cause they win. When the Europeans compare our vehicles, havent you ever noticede that they compare $60,000 Vettes with $250,000 Ferraris so on and so forth. Why dont you guys scroll up to one of my posts thats has the, whatever it was, double click on it and watch the damn video. Cause the so called 2nd rate tech of the Vette totally dominates the so called top of the line tech of the Lambo witch is a European sports car. When your European supercars start to dominate GM on the track, I’ll agree with you all. But it isn’t happening any time soon considering Chevrolet has put an all new 7L 427 small block in the new C6R. They are expecting 180mph+ speeds down the Laguna straights witch Ferrari, Austin Martin DB9R, or any of the other p.o.s. Euro crap aren’t going to be able to do. Not only that but better handling and the same bad ass drivers they’ve had for awhile now.
    Why do I bother arguing with you guys anyways. The sad thing is none of what I tell you guys is gonna make any difference. Who cares if GM dominates the GTS class in LeMans. That’s prolly what you guys think anyways. Oh well anyways, while Corvette destroys you’re Euro crap on the track this year, I’ll kick back and laugh my ass off while you puds ball your eyes out. Simply because a slightly modified Corvette is gonna kill your highly modified p.o.s. junk all year long. $$$$$$$$$ Who’s costs more????? Hahahahaha. That’s the funniest part of all.
    And European cars are running the seen, yeah, in Europe. Not here pal. Where I’m from we want muscle, torque, tire burning power witch cannot be matched by any European car. Period!!!

  23. Accually yes. I’m 25 buddy. Where I’m from America runs the show. Come out to the midwest with your exotics and take them to the track. You’ll see what I meen. We have super modifieds here that could eat all of them alive and yet still run less than $50k. Each with better than 650bhp and handling capabilities that surpass almost anything that you can throw at it. Not only that but we have strip cars that run high 3’s and low 4’s at well over 300mph in the 1/4 mile. Now those things are pricey. They would have to be though concidering they run better than 5000bhp some run more built off American big blocks and small blocks. All are V8’s. Maybe a few V6’s. Hell thats American muscle for ya. Even NASCAR here the cars are fast as hell. Yet they restrict most of the power the small block V8’s have. 200mph passes at Daytona on only 450bhp is fast concidering they run 4-speed transmissions at about 8500 rpm.

  24. …..”Where I’m from we want muscle, torque, tire burning power witch cannot be matched by any European car. Period!!!” …..LOL U dont have a clue what u are saying. You will always get more horspower out of an European engine. Like the older mercedes v8 are really robust, and they are still quite simple, so they can withstand just about anything, yet they are still more advanced then your big blocks, and that means that they ar emor eficient.

  25. And with the handling?…dont lie to yourself. All your cars are heavy as fuck, and they are not that good in handling, and what do you think is gonna happen if you tune them to 1000HP? They will not be controlable

  26. And…mr payless, if you want the best, you have to give out some money for it, and tuning american cars isnt any cheaper than tuning european cars if you want to do it properly, but i gues you dont do things properly do You?

  27. Ok, i just read through these comments and i have to say one thing. European cars and American cars are made for ENTIRELY different driving experiences. Unlike you guys over the pond, we have NO WHERE to drive at high speed around twisty roads, so why make a car that is focused on that? You have the autobah, we have…Route 66. We get our speed thrills in a straight line. BUT, when we DO take the cars and focus them for track driving (C5R for example), they are every bit as good as the Euros. And please stop comparing cars with 50,000 dollar + price differences. You know where that money is going? HANDLING and CARBON FIBER lol. Both america and europe are insanely good at making cars for the things that they focus on.

  28. “European cars and American cars are made for ENTIRELY different driving experiences”…….well, there is something to it, but i dont completly agree, because the ultimate driving experience requirements are same in every country….everyone wants power, and good handling, everyone wants comfort and so on. so If you say that your cars are bad just because u dont have autobahns, trust me it s not true.

  29. Saying that american cars are bad because they don’t handle like european cars is like saying you are bad at making PBnJ because you don’t make grilled cheese. Why would we make a car cost nearly double the price and have most of that price be in something we’ll never get to use? The Ultimate driving experience is NOT the same everywhere. Here in the US, it’s tearing along an empty highway at highspeed with gradual curves, over there you guys have roads with serious bends AND straights that you can tear around all over the place. Here that just isn’t possible. Another example, does the Lotus Exige suck because it can’t hang with a Vette in a straight Mile? No. Why? Because it wasn’t built to do that! Be a little open minded. The only cars Eurpoe has that have beaten a COMPELETLY STOCK Z06 on the n-ring on STREET tires are cars that are either race built, tuned in some way, or cost well over 3 times as much. Again, not bashing Euro cars at all, i love all cars, but you seriously need to re-evaluate your thinking.

  30. so you are saying that since you dont have twisty roads in america, you dont need cars that handle well? You have many twisty roads, and many places where you could use the handling, so i dont know what you are going on about

  31. There is nowhere in america where it’s safe for you to go over 60-70mph in tight turns. Either the roads are too bumpy, too narrow, too blind, or too populated with people and cops. Where are these roads you’re talking about? That’s beside the point though. You can easily settle this by looking at N-ring times. European cars and american cars are intermingled all over the place, it’s not like all the european ones are at the top and the americans at the bottom is it? I think that proves the point in itself. If american cars are so bad why are there american cars that can beat european cars around the track? End of discussion.

  32. This car should be the answer to the Veyron, right? It isn’t.

    1. It looks like shit. Really, it looks like a cheap copy of a Lamborghini. The Veyron, well, looks like the best Bugatti ever made. Whether you like the Bugatti design or not, it’s still better than a failed Lamborghini. But the price you say? The Veyron isn’t just a fast car, it’s a luxury fast car. 0 – 1.

    2. The Ultimate Aero requires 104 octane gasoline. Enough said. 0 – 2.

    3. The SSC remains untested so far. We all know what problems occured when the Veyron was tested on a track. The Veyron did 252.95 mph (407.08 kph) at the Volkswagen Ehra Lessien test track in Germany. 0 – 3.

    I could go on and on but 0 – 3 made my point I think. There are American cars I really love, but this isn’t one of them, and it definitely is nothing compared to the Veyron.

  33. what a useless discussion
    for all you people screaming about top gear “the main guy” ownes a ford gt and he loves it so keep your biased opinions and that they hate american cars.
    furthermore who cares, european cars and american cars are both very good, at the things they are build for…

  34. Ferrari Enzo skid pad: 1.05 ($600,000)
    Dodge Viper R-t 10 skid pad: 1.01 ($85,000)
    Chevrolet Corvette skid pad: .99 ($60,000)

    Sorry not much difference except like always, the price. If I want a better handling car I’ll buy the Viper or Vette, put after market parts on it, and save roughly $500,000. And like I’ve said before, European cars are made to race, American cars are made to drive. If you want to race in America, you need to do it on a track. Not an interstate highway.

  35. Whatever Kor4. You know absolutly nothing about American cars otherwise you wouldn’t condem them so much. You havent read any of the facts anyone has posted. If you had you’d know that your doing nothing but “digging your own grave” here. I’ve posted sites and I’ve posted videos. The videos I’ve posted show Corvettes killing your European exotics. You also know nothing about our after market parts. Suspension packages can be purchased from the auto companies. An all-stock car in America is exactly that, all stock. 99% of them are built for comfort and affordability. They are not made with a $20,000 brake package, a $25000+ suspension package, or a $75,000+ engine package. AFFORDABILITY is the key here. But when it comes down to performance in regaurds to racing, hahahaha, get a clue or at least go to the provided website before you make your opinions. Or even better, scroll to the top of this page and see where this Aero is made. No where near Germany, Italy, France, or Great Brittain.

  36. I was reading some of the very early posts and found something very interesting. Kor4, this car looks nothing like the Diablo, it looks like a Koenissegg/Zonda hybred.

  37. You claim that you post facts, websites, videos and whatever else, but the only thing you posted is a load of bullshit. I even explained you why it was bullshit, yet you wrote the same wrong things again, and then when you have nothing more to say, you tell me that i dont know anything,like if you knew me or something.

  38. it’s pretty clear that you don’t know anything about american cars. No one who is a real car enthusiast and knows what they’re talking about comdemns ANY cars so blindly. Anyone who knows their stuff knows that both American and European cars are amazing. If one region’s car was so superior, there wouldn’t be any competition between them, but there clearly is. There is a huge amount of information that simply proves you wrong KOR4. What on earth is your basis of opinion? Do you have any facts at all?

    And it’s fine that you don’t believe me about the roads. Come over and find a road that would equate to your high-speed roadways. I’ve been looking for a few years and the best i can find is narrow windy roads through so-cal mountains that are totally blind. You’d have to be a total idiot to drive over 80 for more than a second on those roads with the best car the world has to offer purely for safety of yourself and others.

  39. On the topic of the Aero, i think this needs to stop being compared to the Veyron. The veyron costs twice as much, weighs twice as much, and is TWO 4 liter V8 engines bolted together with FOUR turbos and TEN radiators!!! I’m glad they pulled that off, but it’s not all that sophisticated. The Aero is supercharged (very impressive technically) and a pure performance vehicle. Sophistication lies in simplicity. Again, two different inteded experiences.

  40. Exactly Drew. Those cars are completely different. Like always when American cars get compared to European cars, they compare real sports cars to supercars. No offense, you all know what I mean (or you should at least). “You can buy like 5 corvettes for the price of 1 lamborghini, and it still goes as fast!”. Duh, you are not paying for the performance! Well, you are also paying for that, but anyway. Cars like the Ultimate Aero are designed to go fast, and nothing more. As DREW said, impressive performance if they make this true in “serial-production” (and this is a big if actually). But don’t compare it to a Veyron, which had completely different goals. Breaking the 400 km/h barrier was only one of them.

    If you want to compare it to a European car, I’ld compare it to the almost 20 year old Ferrari F40. Designed to be a true sports car, and nothing more, the F40 competizione (a tuned “normal” F40, just like the Ultimate is a tuned version of the normal Aero) could allready go 240 mph.

    Point is, both European and American (super)car manufacturers are doing impressive work, but with another vision.

  41. “If one region’s car was so superior, there wouldn’t be any competition between them, but there clearly is”
    Dear Drew, some American cars are so bad, they wont even allow them on german roads.

  42. Drew, you are stupid. you say “The veyron costs twice as much, weighs twice as much, and is TWO 4 liter V8 engines bolted together with FOUR turbos and TEN radiators!!! I’m glad they pulled that off, but it’s not all that sophisticated. The Aero is supercharged (very impressive technically) and a pure performance vehicle”
    You have no idea how complicated the veyron engine is and How many problems you have to face when you do such an engine. How much friction there is that creates a lot of heat, and so much more things, and then you say that a simple corvette engine with a superchrger is technically very impresive.
    You know the veyron has a 7 gear sequential transmission, with 2 clutches, which means you have the other gear ready at the other clutch, and you shift sooo fast. That is what i call impresive. You can dream about this for like 5 years before you will have that in usa

  43. and if you dont like the price of the veyron, then yes of course…help yourself and buy the aero for 700 000 dolars, and get a copy of the diablo with the koenigsegg back, front lights from the ford focus, and the best is this…if you want to feel really good, just remember that you have those awsome back lights just the same as on this
    I know the zonda has them too, and probably even the koenigsegg, but I dont like those cars either

  44. And Aegir, you are very wrong. saying that the ultimate aero is a true sportscar, that should be compared to the f40 is the biggest load of crap i ever heard. The aero has like leather everywhere, a dvd player, navigation, 10 speaker system, reverse camera, power windows and i dont know what else. I wouldnt expect to have that in a true sportscar that is built just for speed, as you wrote. And now…The f40 doesnt even have a radio.

  45. “it’s pretty clear that you don’t know anything about american cars. No one who is a real car enthusiast and knows what they’re talking about comdemns ANY cars so blindly”
    what an argument drew
    how about…it is clear that you dont know anything about american cars, otherwise you wouldnt love them so blindly

  46. The Ultimate actually doesn’t have leather everywhere, a dvd player, navigation, 10 speaker system or a reverse camera. And that’s why I compare it to the 2O year old F40. The normal Aero just sucks in my humble opinion, and really is a poor attempt to build a supercar.

  47. Thanks for the breath of actual intelligence Aegir.

    Kor4, please keep the name calling out of the discussion. We’re both adults here (i hope) and we don’t need to devolve into a school yard shouting match. Unlike you, i have FACTS to base my opinions on. The corvette competes with (and beats…ALOT) european cars in LeMans. The GT, Vette, and Mosler have all beaten European car times on the n-ring. What can you base your opinion on? anything? What american cars aren’t allowed on german roads? and for what reasons?

    The Veyron had problems because it’s a slammed together group of engine parts. There is nothing special about jamming 4 turbos and 10 radiators on a massive 16 cylinder, 8 liter engine. We all know turbos produce much more horsepower than superchargers, and in part because they do not have parasitic power loss. Aero has managed to create a car with more horsepower, a good amount of creature comforts, half the weight, and all this using a forced induction system that is inherently inferior in terms of pure BHP numbers, AND they kept the price below one million. That is impressive, not tossing money at problems. If you gave american engineers an assload of money to design a super car like the buggatti, we could. The Veyron is nothing but an exercise in excess. If the Veyron was all that impressive it wouldn’t need a house worth of radiators, enough cylinders for two normal high power engines, and as many turbos as it has wheels. Saying americans can’t build a super car like the veyron is just like saying europeans couldn’t build a dragster, i.e. Just because they haven’t tried it doesn’t mean they can’t do it.

    I don’t love anything blindly. I have FACTS to back up my love for BOTH european and american cars.

  48. Drew, you are totaly missing the point here. The reason why the bugatti has 16 cylinders and 4 turbos is because the car had to have something extra. Much horsepower, much technology, and many cylinders and turbos. And its expensive like fuck, and thats is all the part of it. Of course they could have made a simple big v8 and superchrge it, and i am sure they would get more power than now if they really wanted. Why do you think it has 1001? Of course it could be 1005, or even more. The point is it just had to be really special, and it is. If you tell me that it is not all that sofisticated, i am sorry, but you are stupid. It is the benchmark of automotive engineering. It is fucking fascinating, and you tell me it is not all that sofisticated? Something is wrong with you. What do you think is more sofisticated than the veyron then? If not the veyron what then? A jet maybee. Please use your common sense, i you have any

  49. Once again, TRY to be mature would you? Calling me stupid seems to be the only thing you have to back up your opinions, but try and be less childish.

    Throwing a lot of money at a problem is not sophisticated. Fascinating? Yes. Very cool? Definately. Sophisticated? No. Sophistication is getting a lot out of a little. An 8 liter quad-turbo W16 making 1000hp really isnt all that impressive. An enzo is FAR more impressive than the Veryon. That’s a NA engine that’s making near 700hp. Tuned to perfection. THAT is sophisticated. The only thing i find really impressive about the Veyron is the fact that both V8 are merged into one another and share a crank shaft. That must’ve been a bitch…but that’s it.

    The Veryon is two engines that are BOTH twin turbocharged, with tons of radiators to keep them from detonating. Even running on pump gas the Aero will still produce 900+ hp from a SINGLE V8 that has a SINGLE super charger.

    Math…8 less cylinders, almost 5 less liters of displacement, and 3 less Forced Induction mechanisms and all at 2600lbs in total. Lighter, better power to weight ratio, simpler, cheaper, better performance. You can’t opinion your way around that.

    By the way, you STILL haven’t answered me with the facts i asked for. Or any facts at all.

  50. Hey Kor4, concidering the fact that the corvette engine is all push rod horsepower and the fact that it still only runs with 16 valves, on 8 cylanders, the older model being a 5.7L V-8 generating better than 400bhp, when supercharged it delivered better than 800bhp, 0-60 times were under 2 seconds and the quarter mile times were at roughly 160mph, I’d say that the technology is pretty impressive.
    When it comes to the Veyron, I’m not impressed. GM made over 1000bhp with a 7L V8. 16 valves, lodie-dodie-da.

  51. Drew,
    If i take your definition of sofistication(which i think is wrong anyway), then that would prove my point, that the ultimate aero is not sofisticated. Sorry, but getting around 900hp out of a huge v8 with 14psi kompressor is not very sofisticated.

  52. I see you didnt read my post properly, so let me explain it again…
    Of course volkswagen could just make an engine like the enzo, or whatever else, and of course, they could make an engine similar to the one in the corvette, and superchrge it, and get 1000hp out of it, because trust me,vw has the knowhow to do that, but why, why would they want to do that, if they can make something much more special. In other words..they dont have a W16 because they couldnt get the same power out of a smaller engine, but because it had to be unusual. And unusual costs money.
    so if you are so happy that the aero is has a smaller engine, and is almost as strong as the veyron, and actually costs less, i asure you vw sould to the same, but then it wouldnt be the awsome veyron, but a lousy aero, with back lights from a tractor

  53. The skid pad measurements quoted earlier in this article refer to static road holding and do no way refer to the cars dynamic stability. For Americans who think they can compete with European cars on a race track which requires grunt and grip, your totally wrong. A £14000 Cateram on road tires can get as high as 1.15G in this test.
    There seems to be an amazing aura from the americans on this site towards the Z06 corvette. Yes, it is a vast improvement on the last vette but how many times are you going to play the “low price” card. In a standing start between a £50,000 TVR Sagaris and the Z06, the TVR completed the 1/4 mile strip 2.5 car lengths ahead of the vette. Take into the fact that the government taxes the hell out of british cars and these cars would be evenly matched. On the track; TVR 1min20, Vette 1min24.
    In places like Detroit where American muscle counts, all Americans prefer their small block V8’s to the more sophistocated European engines. But if you compare the power to weight ratio for the engine ( non blower/turbo ) then the Europeans have the americans smacked!! But there will be people out there that protest that the american engines have more torque. They are right in some cases, but due to the fact that their cars are heavier and european engines have shorter strokes, your cars will still be much slower.
    As a student who has built several race cars from scratch, and has many tuning and forced induction books at home, I could go on forever!!
    But just amagine two things:
    1) A 450Kg cateram 7 with a 450BHP turbo bike engine before nitrous, running on pump fuel.
    That is 1000BHP/Tonne with 1.15G skidpan on regular tires.
    2) A 10 year old McLaren F1 with a Turbo.
    I need to go study for an exam now!!

  54. “Drew,
    If i take your definition of sofistication(which i think is wrong anyway), then that would prove my point, that the ultimate aero is not sofisticated. Sorry, but getting around 900hp out of a huge v8 with 14psi kompressor is not very sofisticated.”

    That V8 is a 382. That’s one of the smallest V8s made. The Veryon is two V8s that are TWIN turboed and make only 500hp a piece. I just don’t get where you see the sophistication.

    “Of course volkswagen could just make an engine like the enzo, or whatever else, and of course, they could make an engine similar to the one in the corvette, and superchrge it, and get 1000hp out of it, because trust me,vw has the knowhow to do that, but why, why would they want to do that, if they can make something much more special.”

    That’s EXACTLY what they did! They took two little engines(each bigger than the Aero’s V8 by the way), twin turbocharged them, and slammed them together to work on one crank shaft to make 1000hp!! It is very unusual, very cool to see, and very special in the sense that it’s rare and may never be done again, but the technology is just not all that impressive. Do you know what PSI each of those turbos are pushing at? Even if they’re only running at 4 psi, that still adds up to more pressure than the Aero uses to get near the same horsepower out of a single supercharger on a engine less than half the size.

    “i asure you vw could to the same, but then it wouldnt be the awesome veyron”

    No argument here. The visuals of that car are incredible and much more pleasing than the aero. But that falls under my original statement that the Aero is built for speed first, everything else second. The Veyron was built for style first, then everything else second. And you can tell by the way it was designed. No one ever says “here’s a chassis and interior, now make it go 250” if thier intent is to make a pure sports car.

    “Well, i have to say sorry for calling u stupid, i got too much into it.”

    I can understand that. Thanks for the apology :)

  55. Honestly, i’d LOVE to see SSC and VW/Bugatti get together and make an international supercar that everyone from both sides of the pond could be proud of. Imagine if they could take two supercharged Aero engines, merge them to work on one crank! I bet with thier combinded skill, they could create a car with nearly TWICE as much power as the Veyron with the same incredible style. A Twin Supercharged “Aerogatti” W16 running on pump gas could produce upwards of 1400(!) horsepower and probably blow away every non race built car ever made performance wise if they focused a little more on performance than luxury. That would truly be the ultimate car.

  56. This ones for Greig, yeah I also saw that episode of “top queere”, oh crap, I mean “Gear”. Those guys are biased. Of course you’ll see a Z06(American Bad Ass) getting owned by the TVR especially since the Brittish A-holes driving the Z06 cannot stand Americans and also drive it like they’ve never driven a car before before. Concidering the fact that the TVR is a Brittish sports car, go @#$%^&* figure.

  57. Also check out the Corvette racing website. We’ve been dominating Europe on the track for years. Hello, GTS class champs 5 years running. Dominating Ferrari, Astin Martin, Masseratti. Haven’t lost a race in what 5 years. Oh I’m sorry thats wrong. Oliver Gavins crew sometimes beats Ron Fellows crew. Wait a minute, they both run C5R’s for GM. So I guess Corvette dominates anyways!!!

  58. I’m not a big fan of the Veyron. After reading Drew’s post, I can really say that I’m definately not impressed with it. If what he posted about the Veyron is true, well then, what the $#!*. Two V-8’s bolted together running with one crank shaft. Twin turbocharged even and can only muster up 1000bhp. That, I’m sorry, is pathetic. GM made 1035bhp with the 7.0 L 427ci block. Yes it was twin turbocharged, but come on. 427ci, 16 valve V-8. Not to mention the 800bhp they made with the 345ci(5.7L) V-8 in their earlier models.
    Greig, how bout this one for power to weight, 1000+bhp/1L. American muscle. They are called rail cars, pro street. AMERICAN BIG BLOCKS. 3’s@320+MPH 1/4 mile runs.

  59. One more thingGreig, have you ever heard of the 383stroker. It’s a small block V’8 that has been stroked. My brother happens to own one. Run’s it in his race truck. Cost him around $2,000 to build. Throws around 600bhp to the ground on pump gas. How’s that for a stroked motor. Oh yeah, he salvaged the motor out an old 1973 Camaro. Started out as a 350ci small block. He isnt satisfied though, he’s building a 406 stroker for this race season and is hoping for close to 800bhp. One major problem he is having though is he can’t keep a tranny in them. Nor a T-case. Shall I tell him to special order a hand built tranny and T-case from Germany or how bout Great Brittain. Oh I’m sorry, I think in that last statement I was being a smart***.

  60. Loushe, its not they “only got 1001 out of it”. They could have like 2000 or more if they wanted. Why would they make a car with 2OOOhp? That would be ridiculous. They will save it for later.

  61. “how bout this one for power to weight, 1000+bhp/1L. American muscle. They are called rail cars, pro street. AMERICAN BIG BLOCKS. 3’s@320+MPH 1/4 mile runs.” those are the most useless pieces of shit….thats not normal cars, not street legal, it can just do a drag race, it cant even run for longer than that. Can it even turn? now of course those will have a good power to weight ratio, but dont you think we couldnt bulit that in europe. It is just stupid, thats why we dont do it. Reminds me of the v8 chainsaws you make.

  62. Loushe and Kor4 ease up!

    Please respect eachothers opinions and don’t start a flame war here. That will result in a ban for both of you.

  63. well, it is very nice that gm is ruling the le mans, but thats because there is relatively few rules, and so they are still able to make an engine that woud actually have some power, and follow those rules. And GM feels that this might be the only race where they might have a chance, and so they put a lot of money into it.

  64. If we are going to slate the Bugatti Veyron for trying to be the ultimate supercar with the highest top speed, we should listen to what VW had to say about their car. The Veyron was a challenge from the drawing board as it was trying to master all the aspects of the supercar genre.
    It succeeded in costing a bomb, the styling, the shear effort in engineering, comfort etc.
    People should remember that the car was designed to show off VW’s technical expertise. In this field it excels!!
    If we want to talk about the technical wizardry of the car, its awesome. No other manufacturer has been so bold to stick two V8’s together, then twin turbo each of them, stick all 800lB/Ft through a gearbox which was designed to last 200,000miles, 2 clutches, AND 4 wheel drive!!! As a package its emmense!!! As an engineering feat its emmense!!! As a race car its not.


    The 2 engines cause lots of problems with packaging(Its massive!! Twin scroll turbines?), vibrations, heat dissipation (lack of), heightened centre of gravity, engine management, exhaust manafolds(Reduced efficiency of the turbo due to overlapped exhaust pulsation, increased internal friction etc. All of this reduces the efficiency of the engine.

    8 litres, 1000 BHp, 922lb/ft = 125Bhp/litre
    This figure is low for a forced induction engine, even with more internal friction!!!
    Its compression ratio is 9:1 so the block will not be stressed as the turbos will be running light. The max torque it produces is available at 2200rpm all the way up to 5500 rpm, so this means the car is tuned for driveability rather than pure racing grunt. The rev limiter is set at 6000rpm which is really low for a supercar of this day. If the governor was played with, it would probably bring an extra 100-300Bhp but the small turbos would be choking at this speed and would drastically reduce torque. This engine has a lot of potential !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The reason VW tamed it was because it is a road car and needs to be serviced regularly. No manufacturers these days unleash a car’s full potential as there are too many compromises. Air conditioning and peoples needs. Look at focussed cars like the Macca F1 and F40 with no radio and plastic windows, these cars are designed by perfectionists like Gordon Murray that hate compromise.

    If American car designers are so great, why are they not employed in F1 – the pinnacle of motorsport! The vast majority of F1 bases are in Britain run by the British.
    As for 1000Bhp big block engines, where do I start!!!
    1) Supercharged by massive roots blowers
    2) Not road legal
    3) Fuel – Not pump fuel- unless you work for NASA. (Nitropropane??)
    4) Short exhausts- designed for horsepower
    5) Thick soft rubber
    I’ll finish this later – got a lecture!!

  65. As far as inteligent posts, Greig does post things that are true, but are also arguable too. As far as putting alot of money into something like Le Mans, you cannot tell me Ferrari doesnt put as much money in it as GM. They probably put more into it concidering the Ferrari cost about twice as much right off the get go. Not to mention they have some of the best drivers in the world racing their cars. I’ll bet my last dollar that they probably pay out as much for their drivers as Audi pays theirs to drive their LMP900 car. As far as rules, there are more than you’d think. Concidering they all follow the same rules ,depending on which class they are in, what does it matter. It doesnt. #1 rule for Le Mans GTS class is the companies; GM, Ferrari, Masserati; have to sell at least a specific amount of cars per year to even qualify. The cars themselves have to be based on the stock models, because all they really are is race modified versions of the stock models. C5R simply is no more than a C5 Corvette with racing suspension and tires. As far as racing is concerend, they follow the same rules an any other form of racing. Sorry if you don’t like what I’m about to say, Le Mans is a world wide race circut. Le Mans is where the big boys go. Le Mans is one of the most prestigious race circuts in the world. And thats a FACT. My problem, Gumball, is whenever I’m in a forum that has a car that is not a “European Super Car”, there always seems to be a few people that bash it simply for that reason. Kor4 is one of them. He’s made it very clear that he likes nothing outside Europe. By saying that America cannot build a supercar is about the most rediculous things I’ve ever heard and is by no means anywhere near the trueth. I’m sorry but when I say Europe does not dominate the racing world, I’m stating fact. It is not an opinion. I probably would have looked at the stats on the Aero, made a positive post about the car, and left it at that if not for ignorant posts such as Kor4’s very first post. Am I offended in any way that he doesnt like American cars, NO. I become offended when snobby Europeans bash our cars and then say “well there are alot of American cars we won’t allow on our streets”Posted by Kor4. Duh, I wouldn’t want to drive a Chevy Cavelier down the Autoban either. I can respect an opinion until it becomes a completely unfounded statement, such as ” American cars are ****”posted by Kor4. Uhhh, “Le Mans has relitively very few rules” posted by Kor4. Thats beyond rediculous. “GM feels that (Le Mans) this is the only race where they might have a chance” posted by Kor4. Ummm, Ok.
    Gumball, if you don’t want me on here, go ahead and ban me. I just wish people would open their eyes a little sometimes instead of looking in the dark while they post on these sites. Europe, Japan , Great Brittain, and the U.S all make great performance cars.

  66. Greig, how much does a C6 Z06 cost over there? How much does the sagaris weigh? And where did you see this happen? Cause if it really was on Top Gear that doesn’t say anything. None of them can drive. They think they can floor a 1.5 ton, 500ft/lb torque car and get a good track time LMAO.

  67. Drew, will tell you most if not all you want to know. It’s a great website. Greig, have you heard of the Cadillac Sixteen Concept? Same basic engine. V-16 generating 1000bhp and 1000lb/ft of torque. And did you know that Cadillac was the first to design that perticular engine. Cadillac is a product of GM. And Greig, the Veyron is a very technical car, yes. But for whats under the hood you’d think there would be alot more power concidering all the technology that has been applied. I’m not impressed by it. 1000bhp has been achieved with far less technology. When you talk about setting records for speeds, I’m sorry but it’s not the first street legal sports car to do so. 400kph is what, 250-260mph. GM has a car that broke 250mph in 1989 and is completely street legal. Calloway C4 Sledgehammer Corvette. Lingenfelter C51 Corvette. They are just a few. But like you said when it comes down to engineering, yeah you are right. There is far more technology in that car. But ask yourself this. For what reason? What was the point of doing all that? Yeah it’s cool and “extreem”. Big deal. It’s all for prestige.
    The drag car thing was just an example of what our engineers can accomplish. No they aren’t street legal. They run alcohol/nitromethane blend fuel. They have huge blowers on them. They also make 8000-9000bhp. Cocidering if they ran on pump gas and lacked the huge blowers, instead were simply supercharged, they would still generate better than 1500-2000bhp. Then they would be concidered street legal as long as they run street tires and in a car with headlights, tail lights, and turning signals. Oh I forgot the exhaust, they would need that also.
    F1 cars are a totally different breed of race car. Not to mention expensive as hell. American car manufactures do not focus on F1 #1 Americans(sad to say)love NASCAR. The vast majority of people here in to that style of raceing watch the Indy 500. #2 Cannot afford it concidering the most expensive American car barely touches the $100,000 mark. Unlike Ferrari or Mc Laren selling their cars for $600,000 or better. #3 Would you waste your time blowing millions on an F1 car when you’ve already achieved success in something else. #4 90% of the world cannot stand the United States anyways unless they need something from us.
    You are right when it comes to compromise in automobiles these days. In the U.S., we want things like air conditioning and stereos. We build what sells. Ford tried to do what you said with the Cobra R and it didn’t sell well.

  68. And as far as Not competing in F1, there’s really no purpose in spending ridiculous amounts of money to go to F1. Those cars are pure racing machines and have absolutely no bearing on the quality of the road cars a company builds. Can a Renault beat ANY Ferrari on the road? No? Beat them at F1 though right?

    And there are so few people that watch F1 in the US it wouldn’t be financially sound from a marketing view point to spend TONS of money that you won’t get back in any way whatsoever.

  69. OH yea,

    1) Supercharged by massive roots blowers

    Nope. Not all the time. Some are TT’ed, some are SC’ed differently.

    2) Not road legal

    Plenty of them are road legal.

    3) Fuel – Not pump fuel- unless you work for NASA. (Nitropropane??)

    Again, plenty can be run on high octane pump fuel and be right at 1000bhp

    4) Short exhausts- designed for horsepower

    Again, not all of them.

    5) Thick soft rubber

    Rubber has no effect on production of horsepower.

  70. Hey Drew, we prolly shouldn’t waste time on here anymore. The only guy here that actually sounds like they know something here is Greig. Yet still biased when it comes to American technology vs. European. I also checked out the new Cateram. All that thing is is a dunebuggy on steroids. There are lots of people here in the midwest United States that own dunebuggies with small blocks bolted on them. So I can easily believe a 1.15g rating on the skid pad concidering the thing weighs less than 1600lbs. You cannot tell me that a .99g rating in a 3200+lb car isn’t amazing(Corvette). Imagine if it where carbon fiber. Wait a minute Mosler did that already with the 2003 Z06. Dropped the weight below 2500lbs. 1.65g’s on street tires. Not to mention a 3.0 second dash to 60 with the exact same power plant and suspension. Oh well I’m sure this was just another waste of breath.

  71. F1 technology actually is used in the development of road cars, especially when you’re talking about Ferrari. This being said: American cars dominating the race world is stating a fact? Strange, when I look at the “race world” in Europe, it are mainly European manufacturers dominating it, even when the Americans participate. I’m quite sure Ferrari is putting a lot more effort in its F1 team than in the American Le Mans Series by the way. It basically comes down to that: who puts the most effort in it. In 2003 Bentley won the 24h of Le Mans after 3 years of Audi domination, in 2004 Audi won again. Corvette did nice in 2005, well done, but do you get my point?

    FIA GT1 Manufacturers Cup:
    1 MASERATI 239 pts
    2 FERRARI 125 pts
    3 CORVETTE 60 pts

    Woopatidoo, it seems you’re as biased as Jeremy (who actually owns an American Ford GT40, the traitor) and Kor4, Loushe.

  72. Ok guys, I just caught an excellent video of the Bugatti Veyron. Now I have to change everything I’ve said about it. That car is an amazing machine. If you want to see the video, check this out ->
    I nearly crapped my pants at the end of the video. It hauls some ***. They do what I belive to be a 0-210mph run in it. Not sure if it’s 0-210kph or mph, but still this car sounds awsome.

  73. I don’t know much about the FIA, but from what I read there is only one Corvette in the FIA GT1 race class and it happens to be Belgian. Therefore it is not a factory backed car. Unlike the competition, DBR9, Maserati, Ferrari. In the American Le Mans, the Corvette is factory-backed. The DBR9, Maserati, and Ferrari all run in the American Le Mans as well as factory-back racers just like the C5R and they loose. I’d type it all down for you but its easier if you just check it out yourself. (which you prolly won’t, instead you’ll continue to argue your way into a hole.) The Belgian C5R placed 3rd in points to the Maserati and Ferrari in the FIA as a non-backed car. Pretty damn good concidering the Belgian race team had to pay for the car and everything else while Ferrari and Maserati paid for the drivers and repares and whatever other exspenses involved. The American C5R placed 1rst the past 5 years in the American Le Mans raceing with the likes of other factory backed cars….Maserati, Ferrari, Aston Martin, and Saleen. You catchin what I’m saying. They are all great race cars but when the Euro’s try to run against the FACTORY-BACKED C5R, they have a hard time competing.

  74. I just pulled these time off another site. These are N-ring times for the various automakers.

    porsche carrera gt: 7 min 32 sec
    ***chevrolet corvette z06: 7 min 42 sec
    porsche 996 gt2: 7 min 42 sec
    pagani zonda s: 7 min 44 sec
    lambo murcielago: 7 min 50 sec
    lambo gallardo: 7 min 52 sec
    merc mclaren slr: 7 min 52
    ***chevy corvette c6: 7 min 59 sec
    porsche 911: 8 min 7 sec
    dodge viper: 8 min 10 sec

    The Z06 here is the C6 Z06.

  75. I’m not saying the Corvette is a bad car, not at all (and obviously those Belgian guys did a nice job too btw, as I’m Belgian myself and biased). I’m just saying American cars are not dominating the race world, they are dominating the race world in the US. While European cars are dominating in Europe, I wonder why. The whole “what car manufacturer is the best” discussion is a joke actually, as I said before. It depends on your taste and what you want from the car. And we all know discussions about taste are stupid, don’t we? ;-) Even though the pagani zonda has the current fastest lap on the top gear circuit, I’ld prefer a Ford GT any time for example (howa, I’m mixing European and American cars!).

    Well, actually I’ld prefer a Ferrari, but then I couldn’t make that silly European/American remark.

  76. The Americans will never admit that european cars are better, and will argument with all sorts of things, and sometimes even good points, and then we will opose them, and that would go on for ever, but Just remember who made the first car…it was Benz..german. It has always been Germany, who was pushing the car industry, not America. And it stays like that today, no matter what you say.

  77. The Belgian team isn’t doing a bad job concidering who they are competing with. All the manufacturers in the FIA GT1 class as well as in the American Le Mans are geniouses when it comes to performance. And that right there is exactly my point. When Europe brings their cars to the American Circuts, they are competeble, but are not the “best”. Fact is, the more money an automaker applies to there car as far as perfomance inhancement and testing, the better they do. Example: Maserati and Ferrari in the FIA GT1 series compared to the Belgian C5R which happens to be owned by the Belgian race team which means GM pays nothing for the car as far as testing and performance. What I’m simply saying is if GM where to throw their chips into play, that C5R would easily have the potential to win and do it on a regular basis, just like it does here. Simply put, the Ferraris and Maseratis GM compete with in the ALMS are the same cars the Belgians compete with in Europe. Look at how well the C5R competes there compared to over here. So you are pretty much right when you say that GM isn’t dominating in Europe, I’m saying that Europe isn’t dominating here. Therefore to make things a little calmer in here I’m gonna suck up my pride and say they are pretty much equal concidering the facts. GM dominates the U.S. and, right now anyways, Maserati is dominating Europe. I would really like to see GM throw money at the FIA, but I can’t see it happening anytime soon. As for the sarcassom at the end of your post, I couldn’t care less what you prefer. If you like Ferrari over anything else, thats your preference. I haven’t got a problem with that. I have a problem with people belittling things they know nothing about. Like I said before, I take offense to that. Like I said before, I like Ferrari, Maserati, and I love TVR. So as far as being biased, I’m not. I will on the other hand support America first and Europe second. That is my preference, I understand that might not be yours, and thats cool with me. Just don’t condem our cars, cause there is a hole lot of stuff that can be thrown back at you. As you see Kor4 didn’t like it. I simply ask, do the research before making rediculous posts, which I’m sure you’ve done consideringly well. Like Kor4’s opening post: “this car is shit”, wtf man. “looks like a cheap copy of a diablo”, huh???? The car resembles a Koenigsegg CCR/Zonda. The front end says Koenigsegg and the side veiw says Zonda. Anyways, I like to read forums and add my 2cents worth every once in a while. #1 reason is to learn something new maybe and to see new and amazing street cars. Thats it. Not to see people slam them. I’d do the same thing if I jumped into a Ferrari room. Someone knocking Ferrari, I’d throw facts back at them to discredit them and most likely piss them off.

    List of favorite cars:
    1. Lingenfelter TT Corvette C6 Z06
    2. Ferrari Modena (love the way they look)
    3. Koenigsegg CCR
    4. TVR Speed 12
    5. TVR Speed 6
    6. Ford GT 40 (1969)
    7. Zonda F1
    8. Ferrari 575M
    9. Jaguar XJ220
    10. Lamborgini Murcielago

    Hows that for being biased. There are like 10 American cars I really love and only 2 of them are in my list for top 10 cars.

  78. sorry, but it looks completly like a diablo from the side. The zonda has a completly differnt design has more like a bubble shaped cockpit. The koenigsegg is also very different, because it has a huge panoramic windshield going very much to the side, where it blend in with the door window, and gets thiner and thiner until it ends. the aero is completely different. it has a very flat windshield, that is very slanted, and then there is very big pillar, and then you have the door, which exactly as the opposite of the koenigsegg, have a very narrow window near the pilar, and it gets wider, as it reaches the end of the door. and that is the profile, that the diablo is known for, and i really think its a copy.i even did a little experiment…i showed my friend the picture of the aero for a short time, and then asked him what car it was, and he said diablo.

  79. For some reason I don’t see alot of everyones posts till way after the fact so sorry for the late post here. You are right with the one thing out of all your posts, Mercedes was the first automobile to be developed, and he also named the car after his daughter. The U.S. was the first country to mass produce the automobile. Henry Ford and his assembly line which was soon after Mercedes developed his car. This Aero does not have the stance of a Diablo, therefore looks nothing like it. As for German cars, they’re cool. I’m a Carrera GT fan. Some website I was in had videos and one of them compared a bunch of European Supercars. One of the intresting things was the 2 main competetors, Ferrari and Porche. The Carrera GT was 16km/h slower on the top end, Ferrari Enzo little faster. But that F1 inspired crap, Enzo, got owned on the road course by the Carrera GT. I found that to be quite interesting. The Carrera is like 200k cheaper. These people comparing the cars were proffessional car guys. They tuned all the cars. They had proffessional drivers, from each team, drive the cars, so there was no b.s. involved. It was quite interesting.

  80. I’d like to suggest that we request the top supercar manufacturers to bring their machines to a common track, whether US or Europe. I’ve met and seen how the SSC owners and they build a fine limited edition car. It would actually be very intriguing to get some of these suueracr builders together, on a track that will allow top speed (VW in Germany rings a bell), so they can have fun with their cars. And, unless I win the lottery, I’ll be looking with great envy at these cars for the rest of my life. I doubt if I’d be ‘comfortable’ going over 200 anyway. Editor, can you take it from here and see what can be done to accomodate the limited edition supercar request? That would be one great magazine issue.

  81. If you want ultimate what does 0 – 600mph in 16 seconds and tops out at just over mach 1?
    think thrust ssc. The only car in the world to break the sound barrier and current holder of the land speed record, if you want straight line speed thats not road legal and run on something that isnt freely available at the petrol stations then there you go. Oh and by the way it isnt american. mind you it doesnt handle corners very well but you can’t have everything.

  82. Well, as I have been reading through all this…I must say that KOR4 needs to do more research. But anyway…as something a lil funny, my SRT-4 and some of my friends’ are very inpressive for a 4 banger…hahaha…We have eatin’ Corvettes (not the Z06, yet) and the Lotus Elise…well, it’s really pretty slow but through corners it’ll eat all us, pretty much. I know you’ll read this and think “why is he talking about an SRT-4 on here when we are talking about ‘supercars’ and such?” Beecuase I am a believer of the “simple” idea that KOR4 can’t seem to grasp. Simplicity usualy concours if not in speed then in price, if not in price now then price later (they are a lot easier and/or cheaper to work on). If you take a Z06, buy it, race it against euro cars and you say the Z06 is slow and doesn’t compare…then try putting the same amount of money into it that you bought your euro car at and then you’ll probably get smoked! Anyway, I have enjoyed reading all your comments!

  83. srt4titude:

    I have seen SRT-4’s eat up on Vettes as well, givin the amount of $$$$ under the hood, which you’ve pretty well stated. I’ve accually seen one beat up on an ’04 Z06. But of course, the money involved completely surpassed the value of the Z06. I completely agree with you 100%. Great post. The all mighty $$$$$ will conquoer all.

  84. blah blah blah…..

    face facts. american cars are cheap. they are old tech. not sophisticated, but good value.

    european cars are expensive, and cutting edge technology.

    some tuned up corvette does not count as a production car, its a modified car. there are modified ferraris from the 80s that pushed out more than 1000bhp (koenig testarossa) and there are cars like 9ff etc and various skylines/supras that have over 1000bhp.

    there is nothing wrong with the SSC, its just nowhere near the sophistication of a bugatti, ezno or mclaren.

    like the saleen, its a race spec car, made legal.
    its gonna be nice to drive on the track. a nightmare anywhere else.

    talk about corvettes? big deal. i would rather have a TVR than a corvette. better engine. faster. better looking. better interior. better everything.

  85. And like I’ve said many times before to people exactly like you, they are built to be placed on a market suitible to most anyone. They are not built strictly for the rich and powerful. If the luxury and technology of a Ferrari was implemented into any American sportscar, they would sell for a much higher price. People would not be able to afford them, therefore, they wouldn’t sell.
    As far as cutting edge technology, I dont quite understand why people are always making statements about it. All that technology is still implemented in Le Mans, yet when oh let’s say Ferrari is compared to GM in the American Le Mans, it’s a blow out. GM owns the track, and for some reason, who knows, Ferrari, Maserati, and Astim Martin don’t compete. They all are European engineered, all high dollar, so on and so forth. But with all that technology, why do they lose????? I am so sick and tired of hearing about all this technology crap, especially the Veyron. Technology my ass. Cadillac did the exact same thing. Heard of the Cadillac Sixteen? 1000bhp/1000lbft torque. It’s old news. Or shall I say a copy????!!!!!! Hears a fine example, the Enzo Ferrari was F1 inspired right. F1 designed for the track. A down force machine designed for cornering and excelleration. Then you have a Porche Carrera GT. A monster at excelleration and top speed. When compared, the Enzo has absolutely nothing on the Porche accept a few mph in the top end and several hundreds of thousands of $$$$ on the price tag. So here you have 2 high tech cars, the cheapest of the two, the Carrera, being faster on the track, out corners and out accelerates through the corners, and yet only designed for the road. In my own opinion, the Carrera GT is far more a performance machine than the Enzo, therefore should be far more expensive, but isn’t. Why is that, simply put, the name.
    The quote about tuned Vettes is completely a bunch of crap. Lingenfelter is a package, an option straight out of the factory. The C51 option is a package straight out of the factory. Therefore is still considered a factory car. Now if you were to go to Mosler, it would be a different story.
    Last but not least, TVR/Corvette. Yeah. Maybe a Speed 12. Example, TVR T350 vs C6 Z06, the Vette out accelerates, has a higher top end, but I will agree on this, the T350 does look better. It’s a beautifull car. TVR Sagaris vs. C6 Z06, virtually the same, C6 accelerates and has a top end a tick higher. But again, the Sagaris is a better looking car. One thing you should keep in mind, weight. The Z06 has roughly 400lbs of extra wieght on both of these cars. To keep things short, the only TVR I’ve found that out performs the Z06 is the Speed 12.
    Something I’ve found to be interesting about technology is this…. Europe applies far more technology than the U.S. They apply more luxury. They apply alot of extra crap the U.S. doen’t apply. The funny thing is when you compare almost anything out of Europe to the muscle machines of the U.S. it is extreemly close in all aspects. So what good is all that technology? Everyone seems to think the U.S. doesn’t have the technology to do any of this. Keep in mind that GM was the first to use fuel injection and turbo chargers. Electronics for windows and doors. As the costs continue to rise here, why would we want to incorperate more technology?? People can’t afford it. And the all mighty dollar sign will always determine what we do and don’t do here. Like I’ve said, the U.S. feeds the worlds economies. So while most of Europe feeds off us, the can continue to make huge investments into all kinds of markets at the expense of the American worker. Why do you think Ford and GM are having a hard time right now? Japan continues to ship their automobiles in free of charge so they can sell them far cheaper than the rest. People in the U.S. buy what they can afford.

  86. Lingenfelter is not a package from the is offered by an independent company. Do not bullshit Loushe…. i feel sorry that people like loushe will be stuck in their own little world, thinking that the corvette is the best car. It is a truckish cheap looking piece of shit. You just dont realize it. And who ever tells me to do research…its you who needs to start using ur brain, not me who has to do research. You do not know shit. You just have the specs memorized from spending hours on the web, that is no car knowledge.

  87. Whatever you say man. But when I look at specs, and see little to no difference between certain automobiles, such as a C6 Z06 and a oh lets say a McLaren F1, I become a little sceptical. Sorry, European technology is not that great, accually a waste of time and money. All to do what, jack up the price of thier cars. Not worth it to me. If it is to you, then so be it. Don’t take it personally the next time you see a $100,000 Lingenfelter destroy a $500,000 Carrera. You know, with all that technology and superiority, you’d think GM and Ford couldn’t compete at all. Sorry, but they do. I’m accually surprised you cought on to that pal. Lingenfelter is a company who throws on a couple of turbos to just about any American supercar. But they can be special ordered from the factory with the C51 option which is plenty enough to destroy most European exotics, and still bring in 25 mpg on the highway. The facts are on paper pal. I can’t help the fact that you can’t understand them. In order to pick up facts and use them in forums, you first must read them and memorize them. Duh. So basically what you have just said to me is no one knows crap, including yourself, about cars because we all have to memorize them first which, I’m sorry, is how the human mind works. I’ll also remember the truckish pos statement the next time the Corvette racing team eats up on all your Euro crap in the next American Le Mans series. It’s gonna happen.

  88. You missunderstood me. I mean that memorizing specs of a car doesnt mean that you understand cars, and also specs is not everything. That is like if i said that dragsters are best cars in the whole world, because they will kill just about anything, and they actually cost less than european exotic cars, and then said it must be true, because it says on the paper. Sorry, but it doesnt work like that. The corvette is truckish, and extremely cheap looking, and i really do not think it is such a great deal. Yes I know that it is cheaper than an slr or something, but it is also cheaper looking, that is the point here. If you want a nice looking car, you have to pay for it, and the corvette is not so nice and thats why it is cheap. So you are not getting anything that great for that money really. I would be extreamly happy if you realized it, and would not tell me things like….”if i look at this ferrari, and that corevette cost half and it is actually even faster….”, because the exclusivity is what makes the price differnce, and i think anyone would choose a ferrari over a corvette, even if the corvette was faster.
    Talking about lingenfelter…i dont know if you can order some package from the factory or not, but i know that that lingenfelter is a separate company, that has very little to do with chevrolet.Please do not tell me that a lin. corvette will kill an european exotic car. I know it probably will kill it on a straight, but thats it. In all the other ways it will suck. The reason why it will kill it on the straight is because it is tuned, but i asure you that an european car would kill this corvette back if we tuned the european car now. You will say that this is so expesive and bla bla bla, but again you are paying for the exclusivity here. So in the end you are always better of with the europan car, and yes, it will cost more, but it will be so much better. And the coervette is then left for people who can not afford the best. I noticed that you really love the corvette, so you probably wouldnt, but i think any normal person would choose a nice european supercar, over a stupid corvette.

    and…please do not compare the ancient mclarenf1 with a brand new car, let this car rest in peace.
    Talking of le mans….corvette wins it in america, not in europe, so yes for you americans it is the winner, but not for us, and lets leave this le mans thing already, coz in europe, corvette didnt win for ages…
    also, please dont say that if the corvette was so truckish why does it win the races in america, coz you know well, that the car in the race is not same as you buy in the dealership.

    and last..the technology is really dont have it on american cars, and you are trying to convince your self, that you dont need it,but in fact it is really cool. and it is also important, because if we only had what we needed, we would probably bu running around with animal furs, and we would live in caves.
    The reason why they put all this technology is not because they want to put the price up as you say (partly true of course, but not the main reason), but because other brands come up with things, and you must not stop inventing, or you are out of the game.

  89. Ok Kor4, I can agree with you to some extent. I know Lingenfelter is a seperate company, but they have everything to do with GM. Cristler/Dodge as well. You’ve got to understand one thing though, GM, Ford, Chrystler/Dodge buildall types of vehicles. Trucks, SUV’s, Minivans, exc. Most exotic car companies, deal with one thing. And that is improving technology within one field. Making a faster, more aerodynamic supercar. Not to mention, most exotics if not all are hand built. In America, everything we have is mass produced for the market.
    Another thing, you make it sound as if American car engineers dont have the same capabilities as European engineers. That, my friend, is a load of crap. Most of the American sports cars of this age were designed several years ago. Therefore the designs are old news in a sense. Take the new C6 Z06. The powerplant of the Vette is accually the engine out of the old C5R Le Mans Vette. It is a 16 valve 7l V-8. Aluminum block, titanium crank, rods, and pistons, exc. The body design was drawn up as a concept at least 15 years ago. Another example, the Crystler/Dodge Viper. The origional drawings and setup of this car were drawn up in the early 90’s as a concept called the El Nino. Why it took so long to apply this to the market is beyond me.
    It really urks me to know that our companies have the technology and the know how to build far supieor automobiles. But thats why companies such as Lingenfelter and Mosler are here. To provide a technological edge. To give people such as me what we really want, and at a cost far less than most exotics, but at a price I still cannot afford, unfortunately.
    As far as competing in European Le Mans, they dont do well because they are not sponcered by the company. Privately bought and owned. Unlike the American Le Mans where all the GTS class cars are Company owned and sponcered. Thats why I always jump back to Le Mans. The exact same Ferrari, Maseratti, and Astin Marten(all factory backed as they are in Europe) do not compete well with the C6R race team. But the C6R in Europe is owned by a Belgian race team and has absolutely nothing to do with GM. Which happens to be another crappy deal because if this cat were factory backed I would assure you that Ferrari, Maseratti, and Astin Martin would be in trouble.
    As far as the truckish look thing. I would have to say that parked next to a Ferrari, I would agree with you. The body design could be done a little better, a little more aerodynamic. But if they did that, people like you would complain they copied some exotic car company. I would love to see the C6 power plant under the hood of a Ferrari. American high performance engines are torque horses that generally produce 90+% torqe compared to horse power. What I mean is Z06 505bhp/490lb/ft torque. Nearly the same on both ends. I’ve seen professional drivers test drive this car and all of them agreed to one thing, when you learn how to control the power, this thing will move. I dont like Europeans saying that our cars are junk and that they have no handling capabilities so on and so forth. Most Europeans simply cannot control the amount of torque being thrown at the road. Jeremy Clarkson proved that when I saw him on top gear. Sorry the traction control isn’t as extreem on the new Vette as on a McLaren. You cant just hop in and floor it and expect the car to perform because the only perfomance you’re gonna see is the tires melting off on to the pavement. Johnny O’Connel drives for the Corvette race team and test drove the new Z06 and said that it perfomed as well on the track as most other supercars.
    I could go on and on but I’m getting tired and I need to sleep. 5 am comes awefull early when you are a laborer like me.

  90. Hi guys!

    dont wanna upset anyone, but I have a few things to say.
    first, I´m from Sweden (u know the little “neutral” country with the highest suicide rate in the world), so I should automatically be proud of our Koenigsegg. And sure…it´s ok, fast n stuff. But it doesn´t do it for me, I´m all hooked on the veyron.

    But mentioning the Cadillac 16 is only a concept car, just like the Maybach Exelero, more or less.
    and….the most wrong part of mentioning the Cadillac 16, is an engine at 13.6liters. two 6.8liter V8´s pushed together and 1000hp coming from that volume is not too impressive.

    I read at that is uses an aut. 4-shift gearbox, so that kind of takes the edge of a record-breaker.

    btw, doesn’t one certain Daimler (Mercedez) own Chrysler.

    and if american car manufacturers are so great…how come they sell so incredibly bad, forcing the factories to cancel so many employees (dont have an exaxt figure, but around 50-70.000?)
    I think the american car industry has some real big issues in general, making the cars lack so great in quality. at JD Powers they always get top notches from Toyota, Lexus etc…and that´s the american people voting for how well their cars have passed.

    Of course european cars are more expensive when they have better quality throughout the line, and I really think it´s a shame american car industry´s biting its’ own tail. They want to make cheap cars to sell many and get a greater profit, but the people get tired of cars breaking down all the time and want quality.

    now…back to supercars. (sorry for being “political”)

    Please dont mention the Thrust that broke the sound barrier…that is just rediculous when the car is driven by a jet/rocket-engine and not by an engine with transmission-axles n stuff…

    btw I loooove the Ford GT. I would choose that one ANY day before a Lambo, Ferrari, Jaguar, Merc, Corvette. a true definition of a classic sportscar that has been renewed. (actually j.Clarkson returned his after months of repeated failures with the electronics…the quality aspect again)

  91. I like your post CHRONIC. I mentioned the Cadillac Sixteen because it is the same type of design, except it lacks the turbos, unlike the Veyron. It is still pretty impressive from an “old school” point of view.
    The reason why American automakers are having a hard time and have to close down factories is because of competition. When Japan ships in all their vehicles at a far less than fair price, they can sell them cheaper. Japanese vechicles tend to bring better fuel milage, and with the fuel prices the way they are, people flock to them. So not only do they save money at the pump, they also save hundreds and even thousands at the dealership by buying Japanese cars. Also, Ford and Chevrolet got on this big kick to built huge gas hog suv’s and trucks that bring on the average less than 15 mpg. Now days, hardly anyone, especially commuters, can afford to drive these things to work. So now they aren’t selling. Huge profit losses there. American corperations are extreemly gready, so they cut jobs to regain their profit losses. You are exactly right when you say they make their vehicles cheaper to bring better profits. Greed!!!
    As for quality, you are exactly right again. European automakers build quality sports cars, they cost way more, and of course, the majority of them are hand built. I have never disagreed with anyone on that. I just don’t see how they can sell them at 5 times the cost of any other sports car. Well accually I can, people obviously buy them. It is a shame that greed has taken over in the U.S. If I had it my way, factory conditions would be improved, some vehicles would still be mass produced, but as for American supercars, they would be hand built as well. Simply to compete with European supercar manufacturers. Thats why I love Mosler and Lingenfelter. Everything that has anything to do with drivetrain is hand assembelled, and more or less is perfect the day you drive off. These two companies are where you get your quality from in the U.S.
    One last thing, how can you say the Koenigsegg doesnt do it for you man. I would give my left ball for one of those. They are fast as hell, even Jeremy Clarksen loves those things man. I hate Jeremy Clarksen. Everything about these things says supercar. Huge amounts of torque and horsepower. Mind blowing accelleration and top speed. And for those who can accually control the power, it has acceptional handling, and hell if you dont like the way it handles, adjust the suspention. That has to be the coolest thing right there. And at a list price I can understand. Expensive, but very well worth the money. Koenigsegg is prolly my favorite European exotic car company.
    I like the new Ford GT as well, but like you said, electonic failers are gonna be it’s doom. I wish just once these companies would build these things right. It’s not that they can’t, But how can you build 100,000 of them for the market unless they are slapped together on an assembly line. That’s the problem right there. The new GT is faster than the C6, handles better, and hell, looks better. The potential is there, Ford just needs to get their heads outta their asses and build it right. Same with GM.

  92. hehe…thanks man!

    I read most posts in this thread and thought things kinda got outta hand a bit…

    I´ll exlain a bit more why the Koenigsegg doesnt ring my balls…ehmm…bells I mean.

    I think it´s REALLY cool looking, it has super performance, just consider 806hp from an 4.7litre V8 and 920Nm (678lb-ft).
    I´m not sure about the drive-train, whether it´s 2- or 4WD, but newermind. The company has made it an absolute requirement to avoid a back spoiler and solving the downforce/handling/air resistance by venturi tunnels and other stuff.

    They recently had a test (like a month ago, that I read in a Swedish mag.) at some German race track, think it was Nürnburg ring, maybe Hockenheim, not too sure, sorry!
    anyway it was semi wet, around 3-5 deg. Celsius. They got a second all-time best race at the track!! only beaten by a GT Carrera with 3 seconds!!

    It handles like a dream, according to the testdrivers and have better G-tolerance in the curves than the Enzo, Zonda, Lambo, whatever.

    But there is something about it that I don´t like, it looks unfinished or something, but I like the CCR better than the CCX.

    The Veyron will prolly always be my absolute fav. supercar, even though other cars (Saleen 1000hp, Aero Ultimate etc.)may have higher top-speed. Personally I think nothing can beat its looks, technical level or brute force. They never meant it to be the best car to drive a race in, it´s just to heavy.

    but to get something that weighs 2000+ kg’s incl driver +120liters of gas to accelerate 0-62 in 2.5s, 0-124mph in 7.8s and 0-186 in 16.7 s and then hit the 250mark in 60 s IS something that is out of this world. They made NO compromises in the exterior design of the car, other than smaller side-mirrors and that spoiler in the back.
    I read that “For 1000 hp propulsion power, the system demands approximately 2000 hp to be additionally generated as heat energy during combustion”.

    meaning it developes 3000hp, which is NOT bad for 8 litres.

    Other than that, I actually like Top Gear and Clarkson, sorry LOUSHE, no mean to disrespect.

    Then I actually dont know too much about racing in general or specific, so I wont go into that discussion.

    I don´t like the Aero Ultima, just because its design, it DOES resemble too much of the Diablo and think that they at least could have come up with their own distinct design of such an awesome car. But that wont make me talk trash about it, I know nothing about it.

    And LOUSHE, I really think your opinions should somehow try to reach your politicians and corporate CEO´s. THEY are preventing American car industry because of their own greed, there is SOOOO much potential that goes lost when they screw stuff up all the time by stupid deals, lack of quality, old designs, same chassis throuhout the whole company line etc etc.

    some of these problems happens in Europe too, particularly Mercedez is lacking much quality compared to just 10ys ago…BMW is growing a bit boring while VW is catching up. I dont know that the H*** SAAB is up to, but I dont think GM buying them was a good idea.

    Finally….just saying “americans can´t build supercars” is just BS…of course they can!!
    Personally I actually prefer european supercars mostly because of their design and their more different approach to power/handling. The Americans always tend to give the cars a more “bold” design, while europeans are more to the “sleek” look, or am I way off here?
    But nothing wrong with this, just different set of minds and nationality. I wonder what a Russian supercar would look like.

  93. In the time Loushe and Kor4 have spent posting on this one website, you could have worked enough to be able to afford the sledgehammer, the veyron, 3 enzos, a zonda, and a one of every american car made in the past 10 years (apparently theyre all terrible according to kor4), and still have time left over to f your wife, and carry out a regular social existence

  94. Lol man. Funny s****. Nice post ACARISACAR!!
    Accually these post are over a 3 or 4 month period. But still that is funny.
    Chronic, trying to reach the corperate ceo’s would prolly be a waste of time concidering if the companies do end up selling out, they would have a pretty nice pention comming. Millions of dollors. Sad but prolly true.
    Jeremy Clarkson…. I cought some of his shows downloading them off the net. I can’t acccually watch the shows on tv cause I don’t get that channel. Hell I don’t think anyone here does. Otherwise I’d prolly still watch it even though I don’t like him. The reason I don’t like him is because of an episode I caught over the net with the new C6 Corvette. They bashed it, basically called it a p.o.s. Example, they did a drag race… C6, NSX, some TVR, and a 911 Porche. Results…. 1rst..TVR,
    2nd..Honda NSX, 3rd..C6, 4th..911. #1 problem right off the bat, the Honda NSX with all of it’s 280hp would be destroyed by all of these cars. 2nd it looked so staged it wasn’t even funny man. The guy driving the C6 sat at the line burning rubber for 2 seconds. I know for a fact that this car will excellerate from 0-62 mph in 3.7 seconds. It’s been done repeatedly in car tests. In this “drag” he may have hit 60 in maybe 5 or 6 seconds, considering how long he sat at the line burning rubber. The TVR would realistically be the only competition for this Vette. Then when they drove the test track for a time, the so called proffessional driver seemed to drive it all over the track purposfully. Then had the nerve to complain about understeer. Come on, it’s rear wheel drive, if anything the car will oversteer. They pretty much made it look like a pile of crap throughout Europe, why, to prevent people buying it.
    I wish Mosler would buy the Corvette name. Mosler has been building carbon fiber Corvettes for years now. They’ve also made it a little more aerodynamic looking, but you can tell it is a Corvette. Then of course, merge with Lingenfelter to build the engines and set up the drivetrain. But that is my wet dream and will definately never happen.
    Chronic, on the Koenigsegg topic, I can agree with you cause i thought the same thing. But how many supercars come outta Sweden? As far as I know it’s only this one. So I say they did a damn great job with it. Only losing by 3 or so seconds to the Carrera GT on a road course is f****** awsome. Considering the Carrera GT can walk all over the Enzo on any road course and of course the Carrera GT is a powerhouse in it’s own rights. But in straight line accelleration, hands down the Koenigsegg has my vote. In that tight of a race, it would only take 1 f*** up by the Carrera driver and the Koeni would be gone. The straight line accelleration of this beast is jaw dropping and like I said before I would give my left testi for this beast, hell maybe both of them.
    Maybe I’ll send an email to GM about this whole deal and see what I come up with. The Corvette has 50+ years of herritage here, you’d think they would try to accually take the design and everything else a step further. I’m telling all of you, they can easily do it, but I think politics are what’s keeping them from doing so. That’s my honest opinion.
    One last thing, don’t worry about how long your posts are, I enjoy reading all of them, even Kor4’s. Gumball3000 will warn you if your doing something wrong. Kor4 and I have been warned several times now for arguing. We got kinda out of control. I would like to hear more from all of you guys on any topic involving cars in general, so keep on posting.

  95. Chronic, on your idea of what a Russian supercar, it would prolly look like a nuke or somthing. Like those bullit cars. LOL!!!!! No offense to any Russian people. Just joking around.

  96. This is hilarious in its patheticness. Especially LOUSHE and Kor4…One hates Euro,a nd can’t accept that there are good and excellent European cars. The other hates Americann cars, and can’t accept that there are good and excellent American cars. LOUSHE misrepresents american by bening a tuner crackhead. Both are idiots. 5 excellent american cars: Saleen S7 TT, Mosler MT900S, Corvette Z06, Panoz Esperante, and the Ford GT.
    5 excellent Euro cars: Bugatti Veyron, Caparo T1, Pagani Zonda, Tramontana, Ferrari FXX.
    Shutup you two know nothing.

    Also, the SSC is a very low quality car, low reliability, unproven claims, and rip-off design. Sold as kit cars, to be registered individually with the DMV, so it doesnt have to meet any regs.

  97. Justin, you’re an idiot. You are the pathetic one. I know more than you can possibly imagine, and most likely more than you’ll ever know. I never said there isn’t any good European cars moron. I prefer American. As far as tuner, technically every f****** car on the market is tuned idiot. A little more each year. If the powertrain of a car exceeds a simple setup….crank, rods, pistons, valvetrain, heads, fuel injection/carberator, and last but not least the exhaust manifolds, it can technically be concidered tuned. Companies add turbo/superchargers, duel cams, 2 extra valves/cylander, and electronic everything. These are extras and therefore TUNED . In Europe, they simply improve the previous improvement. TUNE it for more power and better performance.
    I have never run in to this many jerks in one forum in my life. If you are here to slam people, just leave. That’s not the point of a car forum. Do you have any idea of what the Mosler 900S is? It’s a TUNED Vette. So on your list of 5 great American cars you have included a TUNED Vette as one of them. So don’t call me the tuner crackhead idiot. Lose the Mosler and throw in the Viper SRT-10 as one of them.
    Now for the Europeans, the Tramontana isn’t a production car, they made what like 10 of them. Not only that, it’s pathetically slow for a V-12. The Ferrari FXX is a damn prototype, not in production. You got me on the Caparo T1, never heard of it. Oh my God, I’ll bet I’m an idiot for that too. I really don’t need another jerk off to argue with.

  98. LOUSHE…I am aware of engine tuning. I am aware that the Tramontana is limited production, and the FXX is a prototype. The Mosler is not a tuned vette, although a vette engine it does use. ask the member Gunman on, he works for Mosler. It is not a Vette. I have nothing against tuning. However, slappin big ass turbos on a V8 and giving it 1000hp solves nothing. This usually means it’s good for straight line driving only. Cars must be well developed and designed to run with that kind of power, to give good street driveability. Also, I was just simply listing some nice cars, as you and Kor4 seem convinvced the others regions produce inferior cars. It’s not all about speed. If it was, then the Pagani wouldn’t be as awesome as it is.

  99. Accually, the Corvette is and always has been a great street car. Excellent daily driver.

    Slapping big blowers on a V8 does have a purpose and that purpose is improved engine performance, better horsepower, boost. Why else would a company do this. Hell, why would VW mate 2 V8’s together and then turbochage the hell outta it?? Because they can.

    As far as I’m concerned, Mosler is a Vette. They are almost identical in looks and design. And the fact that a Vette engine is used as the powerplant….what else could it possibly be????
    I guess a Mosler.

    And again, I never said anything about other regions being inferior. I’m a bang for the buck kinda guy. GM offers the best deals in my OPINION!!! And if you cant beat em outta the factory, there is always other options, and is still far cheaper.

    I have noticed that most everyone believes the Vette to be far less superior in the handling department than almost anything. The same basic suspention setup on the factory Vette is used on the C6R and it has absolutely no problem speeding around a track. And dominating it’s apponents as well.

    One last thing, I would like to see a Caparo T1. Read about it. Seems interesting to me. Dunno why.

  100. I’m not disagreeing with anything your saying, most of it is true. I’m just not a fan of non-welldeveloped modifications. Look it up as the Freestream T1, Caparo just recently bought them out.

  101. Now that is something I might like. Quick, well designed and very cheap concidering the amount of performance this car delivers. Extreemly lightweight 2.4l V-8, delivering 500hp, holy cow. Very Nice.

  102. Justin, I dont know why you are calling me an idiot, because what you are saying is exactly what I think. I am not really a fan of tuning, unless it is done really really well, but that happens rarely. Some idiot puts big blowers on a big v8, and wow it has a lot of horsepower. Big deal. And they think they have the best car now. They should keep in mind that the car was designed by a team of people, and it is designed like one big thing, where everything works together, and everything is there for a reason, and then they come, and do this horrible surgery to the car, totaly ruining it. All they go gor is horsepower, but nonone thinks about the other factors like reliability. It is siply ruining the car. I am not saying that tuning as such is bad, but it really has to be done well, and that happens only sometimes. And what loushe is defending is this horrible type of tuning I hate. Puting a big blower on some simple big engine doesnt solve anything. That is what i am saying all the time. The reason why i do not like american cars is very simple,let me explain. We in europe, we invented the car, and then americans grasped how to do it, and they started doing it their way, which in my opinion is not a good way. What americans will go for is big, bigger biggest, lots o chrome and shining, and even more chrome…..and it must not be too expesive. But this is just a cheap way to impress. The reall challenge is to make an elegant, yet agressive, car, that would handle good, but would still be comfortable. I dint yet see this in any american car. Really. I have seen big suvs, that give you this feeling that they are bold, but thats is the cheap way of impressing. Inside the materials are cheap, it has a 3 gear transmission, and it handles like jelly. And that is same with all american cars. They are all big to impress, and they are wannabe luxurious, but the overall feeling is cheapyness, even though the car is actually quite expensive. I dont know if you see what i mean, but try to think about it. Technologicaly, american cars are also backwards, just admit it. Loushe actually admits this without knowing, because all he talks about is tuned cars, which suggests, that he is not satisgied with stock

  103. For the upper half of that comment I’ll have to agree with you. But keep in mind while Benz put out an internal combustion car in 1897, so did Ransom Eli Olds. As an american I am embarassed by the shit quality of most cars on the road over here today. The only mass production car I enjoy is the corvette, and not because it’s cheap, because it’s an icon that can still live up to itself. And I know when you “technologically backward” and that stuff you mean american cars in general, and you would be right, because our mass automakers blow. However, we do have such beautiful cars as the Saleen S7, which may be the best handling road car of our time. And you can;t say it’s cheaply made or cheap, it’s exceedingly well developed. That and Mosler MT900 are pretty much the only american cars I can be proud of. Or not ashamed of. And, also I just don’t like tuning, because it ruins the stoc collector value, and can irreparably ruin a great car. But I must give it to you, in sheer numbers Europe produces better cars and supercars than we do.And I must admit the greeatest automotive engineering acheivement to date, and the greatest modern roadcar has com from Europe. Simply, the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 .

  104. I can agree with the both of you to some extent. But saying something like the TT Corvette is unreliable, come on. Very reliable and like with any car, it will last a lifetime. Kor4, what you have suggested this entire time is that Americans don’t have the capabilities to engineer great cars. As Justin has said, the Saleen S7; I’ll add the TT to it; as an excellent example. Yes, I said TT as in the new production Saleen S7 TT. Production sports car. Once again, most European cars are “tuned”. If a company supercharges or turbos a car, they have tuned it. If the suspension has been modified for greater handling purposes, it has been modified. So basically you agree with me. Like I’ve also stated about the transmissions, most old folks here do not want a car that shifts hardcore such as the shifting of the Ferrari F430. They don’t want to feel it. Suspension is designed for road comfort, ease of ride, and luxury. Cadillac offers as much comfort and luxury as Mercedes, but at a more realistic price. Basically, what the both of you are saying is, a company is gonna have to hand build their cars, constantly re-engineer everything, and basically f*** off the majority of what the American public wants to be concidered great. Or simply ship their products to Europe and develope them there. The Bugatti Veyron is very nice, but has been done before by Cadillac, and the fact is it went unnoticed simply because it was American. Nothing special about combining 2 V-8’s until Voltswagon does it. Rediculous. Nothing special about fuel injection until Europe does it. Nothing special about turbo’s and superchargers until Europe does it. Give me a break. The greatest European sportscar is not the Veyron, but the Koeniggseg. But I guess to you guys believe it isn’t cause the price tag doesn’t exceed $300k and it didn’t come out of Marenello. Woopie f****** doo!!! You have to look at the markets, see what sells and then maybe you’ll see why things are done here in the way they are. What I’m basically saying is we have the technological know how to do exactly what the Europeans do, but it costs money to do so. The markets aren’t there for this type of high quality simply cause most cant afford it. By most I mean the working part of America, the part that pays for everything, the middle class. That is why the Cadillac Sixteen stayed a concept as well as any other concepts that have been designed, so that in 20 years they can accually produce the car to sell. And then the Euros can say we’ve copied again or whatever else they have to say.

  105. With the markets you are half right.Dont forget that european cars selling normally in America, but you could not say that American cars sell good in europe. Could that be because they are not good enogh for the european market? You made a very good point there, it is very much because of what people are asking from the companies, but i also think that the requirements for a good car are same everywhere…everyone wants a quick comfortable safe car, that handles good, and looks good, and they of course want a good price tag. This is same everywhere. Ok..some american cars are really cool, i must admit, and i will also admit that some european cars suck. The saleen is a great car for example. The only thing I dont like is the image of it, but it is surely a good car. I never like any of the new born supercar companies, not even from europe.They simply look cheap to me, like they all have those round light in the back, which is a very simple hella light, that is used on tractors, and industrial vehicles, and you can buy them anywhere in europe, and you can somehow see that they still dont have as much experience as the big car copmanies, that also have so much more money. I also dont like the fact that some rich guy just thinks that he can make the best car, and … know it ends up with the hella light again. But that is of the topic now…You might find it funny, but when I lived in america, I always had a thing for the conversion vans. So yes, every place has some good cars, i just prefer the euroipan cars better…but i think we could leave this discusion now..

  106. I was acually talking about the American markets which in turn makes me fully right. There are American vehicles very sutible for the European markets, but the problem is the taxes. There is a huge import tax on American vehicles in Europe. Sad but true. As far as the looks of the new Saleen, they are great. The body is designed, as well as in any supercar, that way for aerodynamic purposes. Cars will only accelerate and reach a certain top speed according to the aerodynamic capabilities of the car. That is why they are designed that way.

    Any more, I look for some companies to fall simply because of the greedy fuel companies and how they continue to raise fuel prices at their will. Supercar companies are gonna have to do something different in order to succeed because there is gonna be a point where no one can afford to drive any of them. Total B.S., but what can we do.

    European cars sell in the U.S. simply for prestige. They cost alot. Rich guys would rather be seen driving a $200,000 Mercedes than a $60,000 Cadillac. It’s all prestige nothing else. Most know little about them except the fact that they are very expensive. They fit in better with other CEO’s if they flaunt their money. See, I’m totally opposite. I’d drive a Ferrari or Carrera, if I could afford one, because they are quick, fast, and I’m sure very fun to drive. I have an 81′ Monte Carlo that I drive because of that same reason. Drive around town smokin my tires, doing burnouts, and spinning cookies in parking lots. But it only achieves a max of about 10mpg cause it has a built small block generating around 600 horse, therefore I don’t drive it much.

    The fact that you prefer European cars is absolutely fine. I have no problem with that. Just don’t slam others cause like you said, every automaking country has something that is crap and something that is great. Japan: Mazda 787B is an example. One of the or maybe the most reliable race engine ever built.

  107. One thing that you are all missing that I think is very amusing is that diamler chrysler owns Mercedes as well as Mclaren your prized european manucturers are actually owned and run by an American company.

    European cars are great and built to a level of fit and finish that American cars cannot match however American cars can perform extremely well against your euroean cars. Corvettes handle extremely well and with a few mods can even outperform most european super cars and are extremely light with fiberglass bodies and aluminum and steel frame and suspenion.

    As far as the ssc goes do’t knock it till you try it. If you can afford a Bugatti then you shoulc be able to buy one of these with your pocket change and give it a try.

  108. so.. I read all these posts and I have to say, you guys are quite funny. I have seen this car up close and personal in fact someone I know helps build this thing and it ROCKS, it is the “real deal” so.. you really should get your facts staight.

  109. Lol, jpchic, if you’re not a chick as your name suggests, maybe you’re a certain member I know from another site…And if you know an employee of SSC, you should be able to tell me the color schemes of the next 4 Aero’s in build, and of what specification they are. Which I happen to know. Also, you could shed some light on the upcoming track version with the rather huge horsepower number I know about ;)

  110. He he Sorry CAM just wanted to point out. Its not true that an american company owns mercedes. Daimler brought chrysler and founded Daimler Chrylser. It remains a German company, not an American one. :)

    None the less people seem to get all emotional about these things. As can be seen this is literally ping pong over who’s got a bigger …

  111. The SSC will most likely beat the Bugatti because the Bugatti only has 1001 hp and weighs 4162 pounds while the SSC has 1046 hp and only weighs 2640 pounds.

  112. Go to and see the best of british.

    0-60 2.6 seconds
    0-100 5.3 seconds
    0-150 11.8 seconds
    Skidpad 1.176g
    Top speed 231MPH
    0-100-0 9.4 seconds
    1/4 mile 9.9 seconds

    All standard (stock)

    For about the same as a corvette.
    So dont say all european cars have to be half a million to be quick.

  113. It’s sad to see how people who are supposed to have great love for cars can be so blinded. As many(except kor4) have said: both Europe and America build great cars, and they both build crappy cars.

    America has an unwritten tradition: create affordable, simple cars that can be worked on at home. Make it so, if need be, the average person can work on and fix their car. And improve upon it. And make it their own. Sometimes, reliability is sacrificed, but that gives the owner a chance to change their car and make it different from the next guy. (This has become the rule for Japanese cars, as well, being originally influenced by the musclecar era.)

    Europe has, generally, exuded sophistication when it came to their cars. European cars have a simple(not always) elegance about them. Some of them, like the Mini, are just plain cool, and we don’t know exactly why. A lot of them are crap(for those of you who think all or even most American cars are ugly piles of crap, I can see- though not name, because they don’t interest me that much- a few handful of European cars that would not make it here in the states, because they are just that ugly).

    In the US, luxury is, generally, for the rich. So we don’t have many luxury brands. When you compare a Cadillac with its European counterparts, you’ll often see a price discrepancy. Sometimes, this comes at the cost of quality (faux-leather versus Argentinian leather, or something like that). Sometimes, it’s a bit of performance(although the Cadillac CTS(-V) runs similar times to the Corvette if I remember correctly, and the same can be said of the XLR, so that’s not always the case).

    In the end, though, it’s about what appeals to the mass markets of the economy you’re in. Most European cars are not super luxurious supercars. They’re more sensible, affordable cars. In the sense of spending, Europeans are more eccentric, so it makes sense for there to me more European supercars. Here in America, big business rules, so big business builds most of our sports cars. We’ve got our share of supercars, too, like the oft-mentioned S7 and the Ford GT.

    Cars like the Corvette, though, aren’t supercars so much as they are super cars. You could fit other cars like the Mini and the Beetle in the same category. Unlike the majority of European sports cars, most American sports cars are affordable for the companies that build them as well as for the people that buy them. They’re designed to be fun, within the limits of the roads we have. Europe has a history of auto racing- it was born in Europe, after all- so the number of cars they have that are performance-based is no real surprise.

    One of the main staples of these posts has been the Corvette. The Corvette is an American icon, more than anything else, and an excellent sports car. There are plenty of numbers to show just how good Corvette is, even without considering the Z06. Numerous tests from all sides(of the pond) have shown it’s on par with many of the world’s supercars. kor4 doesn’t seem to be able to grasp that fact.

    But the Corvette is affordable. Supercars are not. Not just anyone can go out to a dealer and grab a Diablo(even though they’re a bit old now), or a 550 Maranello. You need 1.2 million for a Carrera GT, and any one you buy now would have been owned by someone else. That, all by itself, takes away from the ‘Vette’s credibility as a supercar.

    I think the Veyron is a gorgeous car. And there IS a lot of tech that goes into it. But it’s not necessarily efficient tech(as someone else showed, the car produces about 3000 horses, and you only wind up using a third of that). Nor is it undoable by anyone else. I would choose a ‘Vette first, though. If I had the money, I might buy a Veyron, but it would be more for the status than anything. I may be wrong, but I doubt you could(or would want to, for that matter) throw the Bugatti around like you could that Chevy.

    Americans have their way, Europeans have theirs. Asians(who haven’t been touched much, though they do have a pretty significant lack of supercars) have their own way. Means different common cars, different sports cars. Get over it, people.

  114. Question for the Euro super car lovers.. Go look in your Garage tell me what your driving. Is it a bullsh1T ass Renault a mini “which in fact has horrible reliability lol. I live in NYC but have family all across Europe, The average cars that people in europe purchase are not better than american cars. In the case of Supercars its all favoritism, Ferrari has great pedigree its a racercar company for goodness sakes. They make racecars they take F1 parts and make them street legal.”but i do remember gt 40’s running them off the track” lol..
    Every Automaker is motivated by profit some more than others almost every car you people are talking about is 80,000-1.6 million that alone should end the conversation. That just priced out 80% of the buying demograph. I like Euros i would love to have a porsche because its the best handling car. I would love a Lp640 its the damn prettiest thing, I want a gt 40 american muscle. I want a Cl63 The benchmark, I want a M6 Pow.. but like most people in the world i can aford it lol

  115. The Ford Gt 90 supercar-It was made by taking two existing engines–Romeo V-8s, like those in the Lincoln Mark VIII–cutting the front two cylinders off one block and the back two off the other, then vacuum-welding the two blocks together to form a six-liter, V-12 quad turbo, matched with a Ferguson fully synchronized five-speed racing transmission. The result, say Ford engineers, develops 720 horsepower at 6,600 rpm, and 660 pound-feet of torque at 4,750 rpm. And that’s not the end of it–they’re aiming to push the envelope further, all the way up to a massive 900 horsepower. Specific objectives are zero to sixty in 3.1 seconds, zero to 100 in 6.2, the quarter mile in 10.9, and a top speed of 235 miles per hour.

    That should be enough to challenge not only the F40, but also the Bugatti EB110 and the Lamborghini Diablo, while giving the McLaren F1 a run for the money. But this isn’t Ford’s only aim with the GT90: Its designers are also using it as a techno test bed.The infrared blind-spot warning system, for instance, uses an I-R flood beam in the air scoop. This bounces off objects in the car’s blind spot, triggering a red warning light that flashes in the side mirror. Expect to see this on Ford’s next line of heavy trucks.

    Then there are the materials: The gleaming white skin is composite fiberglass and carbon fiber. The body structure is reinforced aluminum. And the exhaust outlets are shielded by tiles like those on the space shuttle.

    And the lights are an engineer’s toy box of possibilities: high-intensity discharge headlights with projector-beam parking, turning, and back-up lights; “hot”-fluorescent license-plate and high-mount stop lights; “cold”-fluorescent gauge illumination; and ionized-gas-discharge taillights.

    Or Maybe the ME 4-12
    The spectacular quad-turbo, V-12 powered, mid-engine Chrysler ME Four-Twelve super car has roared onto the scene to shine as the most advanced Chrysler ever built.

    The ultimate engineering and design statement, and a brilliant example of the Chrysler Group’s capabilities, the ME Four-Twelve will establish a real-world performance record for a rear-wheel drive, mid-engine super car and may also set a record for lightening-quick vehicle development. Taking less than one year to complete from start to finish, the Chrysler Group partnered with some of the best in the business to assist in its development.

    he SLR McLaren is the top of the Mercedes [sport] line.. they’ve spent millions on it.. and they’ve spent years on it.. it represents the best of anything Mercedes.

    Enter the ME-412.. they took a Mercedes engine.. took it to Mercedes tuner… they spent a year.. and outdid the SLR McLaren..

    Chrysler can do in 12 months what it takes Mercedes years.. and not only can it do that, it can do that with their parts for less and better to boot!

    Just adding fuel to the fire since you know we dont make technical cars

    Yes i know they are not production but when someones comes across like America cant make good cars hmmm obother

  116. Hey guys since all of you are arguing about whether the Euros or the US makes better cars, whats your views about the Japs. The New Skyline R35 GT-R does excellent times in N.ring and the Jap tuners can really ring the hell out of a RB26DETT 2.6ltr (skyline) or 2J-ZGT-E 3 ltr (Supra)engines make 1000+hp. Their GT series races cars aren’t slow either neither are their Evos, WRX and Honda Type R as well. They are reliable as well reasonable cost. They go fast and handle quit well.

    But I do like the Saleen S7. Here one for you folks out there dish out crap about Euro and US.

    Ultima GT-R (British kit car with US engines and a German porsch gearbox). Best of both worlds. This car I like.

    But why not stop fighting and all come together and make a true universal supercar. Euro do the chassis, US do the engine, Japs do the control systems and electronics and Italians do the styling and the japs build reliability into the car. Aerodynamics? who has the best wind tunnel and aerodynamicist? Suspension and brakes? AP and eibach with ZF sachs, penske or Koni shocks?

  117. Ok first of all the Aero SSC , I must agree looks like a crap i had about 7 years ago, all moudly and lacking style, to say taht eh americans have any idea of what they create is complete absurd. Sure the americans can make gigantic engines with unlimited horsepower but thats not what makes a car what it is. So what if you can go mach 10 in a car, if it looks like shit, its worthless, and btw for the last 50 years, any european sports car has held value over 400% higher than any american made vehicle unless you include auctions which are almost stricktly american made muscle cars. Unfortunately the americans have no taste whatsoever in automaking fot eh presetn, they continue to use old styles that may have worked int eh 50’s but last time i check its the 20th century so they should definitely get with the program. louche, you have to be the most retarted person ive ever seen in my life, to say that eh americans can make fast cars, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, thats really funny, to bad you’ve only seen hotwheels, learnt o look at real cars, that corvette taht you talk about, who cares, its one car and one car only, trey making 5000 cars a year and continually sell them for 50 years straight. My point is that americans think that they have a culture but they dont, they try to make one for them selves so taht they dont feel left out, and make mediocre cars whne they are a multimillion dollar company. Thanks for reading and remember, AMERICANS STILL KNOW NOTHING!!!

  118. Hey folks, im a u.s. soldier deployed over the pond at the moment and just dropped in on this site and I gotta say that this argument has gotten pointless.Now im a sports car lover myself, and I love auto makers from both america and europe and do not agree with anyone making statements that one side or the other is crap or whatever.Both sides can build astounding high performance cars. All this is just a pissing contest between the two.Neither side is going to convince the other that they are wrong, but I do know that people like jack are completely biased and the smart guy needs to realize that its the 21st century we live in, and making statements like americans have no culture and we know nothing sounds great coming from a guy who still thinks we are in the 20th century and cant spell. Let me ask you something wiz kid, where is it that you get your information for these astounding america bashing comments? Maybe the school you didnt graduate from?

  119. As far as your comment that americans cant build fast cars, last time I checked the ultimate aero defeated the allmighty veyron on a 2 1/2 mile stretch of closed down highway. It recorded 256 mph, it runs 0-60 in 2.7 and ran the quarter mile in 9.9 at 144 mph and was officially named fastest production sports car in the world by guiness and thats where these facts came from. So I guess facts like that would make America the worst sports car maker ever right? Another thing, the aero produces not 1,046 hp but 1,183 hp from pump gas once again made official by the guiness test.Dont beleive me, check it out for yourself. I got my facts from guiness, the shelby supercars website, and buisness news week.This is down right dumb for me to include myself in this conversation because I know that the american car haters will still spit the same garbage they have been spitting through this entire pissing match because apparently the american people know nothing.

  120. One more thing, here are a few more tested performance facts for the aero. It runs the slalom at 73.1 mph, skidpad at 1.05 g’s and brakes 60-0 in 103 ft. Pretty damn impressive for this small and new under dog auto maker if you ask me, but then again im just another retarded american as the all brilliant jack would most likely say.

  121. Oh and I forgot to mention that the aero also produces more emissions legal horsepower than any other production sports car in the world, another guiness record for the car.

  122. you all have to realize that kor4 is just looking to start trouble. he KNOWS good and well about the nurburgring times. has them as well. i have lived in europe, and i can tell you they too have a lot of junk. rover, mg, citroen, fiat, peugeot, renault, etc. when comparing cars for the common people (under $50,000), american cars hold their own now in terms of quality and reliability. european affrodable cars leave a lot to be desired. i love ALL cars, and i hate the outright bias of kor4. he will NEVER AGREE on facts or look them up, because he knows that we make a valid point. europeans and their fans love to dog the big three automakers. what is worse is they compare a 25k chevy malibu to a 525i bmw! no way. besides, most europeans either don’t own a car or they have very small compacts. it is the rich and the upper classes that drive the pricey cars. people talk as if they ALL drive bmws and mercedes. please. TO KOR4, i own a 2008 Z06. it is fast, affordable, easy to maintain, and is upgradable. 6,383 miles and NO problems! did you know that koenigsegg used FORD V8’S?? HMMM. now they have their own. bristol fighter uses a VIPER ENGINE. the ultima gtr uses an american engine. the de thomaso pantera uses a 351 ford. the noble m12 and m4oo have FORD DURATEC engines? no? so does the new m15! what does that say about european cars??? i have more companies that uses american iron if you need more.

  123. The “Brits” have allot to say about American cars, what have they built that they can be proud of? Also when are you idiots going to get with the rest of the world and drive on the correct (Right) side of the road? And when will you stop butchering the English Language? Bonnet (Hood), Boot (trunk), Saloon (Sedan), Mum (Mom), I’m no scholar but when I watch you Brits on the TV (not Tele) I can barely understand every other word you say, so your opinions mean nothing as far as I’m concerned. Anyway, I have a 2009 CTS-V and I love it, when I watched that Homo with the Permed hairdo and screwed up teeth (Jeremy Clarkson) on TOP QUEER complaining about a “bonging

  124. I think that you all should stop arguing over this and admit to the fact that it is the fastest car in the world today, but that does not demote all of the other cool car brands in the world.

  125. u know wat just stp it is the fastest car but its not the fast land moveing vehical the ssc thrust is but the ssc ultimate is the fastest car and thats it nothing else is faster ok they made a test and they said it was
    and u can say stuff in the future if they make a faster car sheesh every1 fights for everything


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