We just got our hands on a fresh set of spy shots of the McLaren ‘P14’, the 2018 successor of the McLaren 650S. McLaren uses the P14 codename for the first model as part of the 15-car roll-out they announced at Geneva Motor Show this year. Between now and 2022 McLaren plans to release 15 new models (no SUV!).

The P14 will come with a further development of McLaren’s existing twin-turbo V8 and the company’s MonoCell carbon fibre tub. One challenge McLaren has set for the P14 is create a clear gap between the Sport Series (570S) and the Super Series (P14). This should be done by both styling and performance. Performance wise we expect an output of around 700hp.

Radical active aerodynamics, new LED lights and a new interior with intuitive control system are planned to make their debut at the P14 next year. Our bet is we can see the new McLaren at the Geneva Motor Show 2017.

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