Iran has officially banned the import of all Chevrolet cars.

The ban comes a week after Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei criticised imports of U.S. autos and asked the government to support domestic production.

According to new sources in Iran, a shipment of 200 Chevrolet vehicles that was scheduled to be brought into the country has been cancelled due to these new import regulations. The shipment was worth around $7 million USD and was set to come from South Korea according to sources.

Supercars in Iran
Supercars in Iran

While a few Chevrolet models had been cleared for import following the U.S.-Iran nuclear deal, all Chevy models have now been banned.

Khamenei criticized the rich young people of his country for driving these American cars. He went on to suggest that driving these cars was the result of bad education. As of now, only a handful of foreign carmakers are cleared to import cars to Iran. Some of those include Hyundai, BMW and Porsche.

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