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1200HP Porsche 911 GT3 GTurbo by 9ff

Official: 1200hp Porsche 911 GT3 GTurbo by 9ff

German Porsche tuner 9ff has revealed their new 9ff GTurbo 1200 based on a Porsche 911 (997) GT3 which has 1,200hp and 1,150Nm of...

Video: OptionAuto Drives 9ff GTurbo 1200

The French guys from OptionAuto had the opportunity to drive the insane 9ff GTurbo 1200. The GTurbo 1200 is based on a Porsche GT2...

Essen 2010: 9ff GTurbo 1200

9ff was hard to miss at the Essen Motor Show 2010. The German tuner showcased a number of vehicles, including the brand new 9ff...

Official: 9ff GTurbo 1200

Yesterday we announced 9ff's BT1000 kit for the 2010 Essen Motor Show. Surprisingly 9ff showed up with three other cars. The first one is...