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For Sale Ferrari 599 GTB HGTE 60F1 Edition

For Sale: Ferrari 599 GTB HGTE 60F1 Edition

German dealership Tamsen from Hamburg, Germany is selling a Ferrari 599 GTB HGTE 60F1 Edition, a limited edition 599 and one of the last...
Video Black Ferrari 599 HGTE in Dubai

Video: Black Ferrari 599 HGTE in Dubai

During Shmee's trip to Dubai he attended a Ferrari Owner's Club meeting and got to see a lot of cars arriving, one of which...

Official: Ferrari 599 GTB HGTE 60F1

This is the limited Ferrari 599 GTB 60F1 edition, the last hurrah before we will see the successor to the 599 at the Geneva...

Video Of The Day: Lexus LFA VS Ferrari 599 HGTE

Combining two of the best sports car from two different continents can be a tough job. The guys over at Caranddriver have chosen the...

Brussels Motor Show 2010

The Brussels Motor Show started yesterday and takes place until January 25th. The annual carshow had some nice cars on display such as the...

Ferrari shows the 599 HGTE and 599XX tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the start of what are looking forward to for a rather long time, the start of the Geneva Auto Salon. No need...