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This is The 2012 BMW F10M M5 Twin-Turbo V8 Engine

The brand new 2012 BMW F10M M5 will be unveiled in just a few months at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show following the release...

Video: BMW F10M M5 Concept On Ice

Following the release of the BMW F10M M5 Concept at the Shanghai Motor Show last week and the first official footage created by the...

This is The BMW F10M M5 Concept Interior

The exterior looks of the BMW F10M M5 Concept which has officially been revealed at the 2011 Auto Shanghai car show, is not new...

Official: 2012 BMW F10M M5 Concept

After seeing many spyshots and the Germans in Munich are finally ready to draw the attention of all M-enthusiasts to their brand new four-door...