Mansory has launched a 2-door G-Wagon dubbed the Gronos Coupe. The basic idea of building the new model and the Venatus Coupe Evo C was repeatedly brought to Mansory by its customers within the framework of the “Mansory Bespoke” conversion programme. Both vehicles were designed, developed and made ready for series production at almost the same time.

The entire conversion process from a 4-door to a 2-door coupe took about one and a half years for each car, the process involved extensive body modification and a great deal of technical and structural effort. A limited small series of 8 units of the Mansory Gronos Coupé EVO C will also be produced for hand-picked customers with the “One of One” philosophy. Each vehicle will be delivered as a unique specimen

The new Gronos Coupé EVO C is based on the most powerful version of the Mansory refinement programme for the G-Class; the Gronos EVO S. The model delivers an output power of 900 hp and a powerful torque of 1,200 Nm. The acceleration from 0-100 km/h is achieved in 3.3 seconds and the top speed is governed at 250 km/h.

The interior of the new model can be freely selected in terms of colour, quilting and carbon design. Due to the conversion from a 4-door to a 2-door, the front seats are extended by a folding mechanism compared to the standard seats, which makes access to the rear much easier. In addition, the rear features a luxurious single seat system combined with an individually configurable centre console.

Other high-quality interior details include the seat belts with Mansory logo, black anodised Mansory sports aluminium pedals, Mansory leather sports steering wheel, Mansory leather floor mats and Mansory letterings in the door handles.

The Mansory Gronos Coupé EVO C has been fitted with type FD.15” wheels for the first time. The rims and tyres sizes correspond to the dimensions of the Gronos EVO S tyre size: 295/30R24 all-round and rim size: 10×24 all-round.
The Mansory Gronos Coupé EVO C is also available in an armoured version on special request.

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