Underground Racing just finished working on a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ, upgrading it with their twin-turbo setup which gives new numbers to the 6.5L V12 supercar. The owner who goes by the name Dustin is no stranger to intensely powerful Lamborghinis, he also owns a 3,000hp Huracan STO AWD (word record car) and a 1500hp Huracan STO in progress.

After only 200 miles Dustin was tired of stock power and wanted something a little bit more scary. This is where Underground Racing comes in, many nights later the SVJ has a fully built engine with billet connecting rods and custom forged pistons. A UGR full billet 1st-7th gearbox setup was also installed, accompanied by billet drop gears, billet input, output shafts, front and rear billet helix differentials.

Even the new intake is full billet with lower billet runners. The billet twin-turbos were provided by Precision Turbo. A custom titanium exhaust handles the new noise. The current clutch (custom) with its billet flywheel can handle up to 1,600hp, but once they upgrade to a race clutch the numbers at the wheels will jump to 2,000hp.

And after all this, the interior is still stock, meaning it will look just like any other SVJ but with a hidden surprise.

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