This is the new Audi Urbansphere Concept Car which combines the luxury of complete privacy with a comprehensive range of high-tech features on board and a striking interior.

Audi developed three concept cars to showcase its vision; Audi skysphere, Audi grandsphere and Audi urbansphere. The Audi skysphere and Audi grandsphere debuted in 2021 and what they have in common with the new Audi urbansphere is that the entire sphere is based on level 4 autonomous vehicle technology.

The Audi urbansphere is the largest model in the sphere family with grand dimensions of 5.51 meters long, 2.01 meters wide, 1.78 meters high and a wheelbase of 3.40 meters.

The new concept model has been systematically designed around its passengers, the interior prioritizes the occupants need to experience ample space as a distinctive comfort factor and thanks to Audi’s own options and ability to integrate digital services from other providers, the vehicle can take care of everyday tasks i.e shopping online and making dinner reservation.

In addition, the Audi urbansphere can pick up its passengers at home and independently take care of finding its own parking space and charging the battery.

The doors of the Audi urbansphere are counter-hinged at the front and rear without a B pillar which as a result opens up to passengers as soon as they climb.

The interior features four individual seats in two rows, the backrests can be tilted up to 60° while leg rests extend in relax mode, the centre-mounted armrests and their counterparts enhances the comfort feeling, the seats can be swiveled to face each other during conversations, each seat has its own sound zone with speakers, a privacy screen behind the headrests which conceals the head area can be used to by occupants who want to seclude themselves and a large format and transparent OLED screen has also been fitted for when passengers want to use the infotainment system together.

The calm zones in the interior have been finished in high-quality materials. High-quality wood and wool as well as synthetic textile fabrics have been used on the paneling, seat coverings and floor carpets.

The Audi urbansphere also qualifies as a wellness zone, the vehicle has a Stress detection program that uses facial scans and voice analysis to determine the feelings of the passenger as well as offer suggestions for relaxation.

The exterior design of the vehicle features a distinctive singleframe with digital eyes of the adjacent lighting units, wide curved dynamic roof arch, large rocker panel concealing the battery unit, large 24 inch six double spoke wheels, wide flat windshield and large digital lighting surfaces at the front and rear,

The Premium Platform Electric (PPE) technology of the Audi urbansphere was designed exclusively for battery-electric drive system, the key element of the PPE is a battery module between the axles which holds around 120 kilowatts hours of energy as in the Audi grandsphere.

The Audi urbansphere concept features two electric motors delivering a total output power of 295 kilowatts and 690 Nm of torque. One innovative feature is that the motor on the front axle can be deactivated to reduce friction and save energy consumption.

The heart of the drive system is the 800 volt charging technology which ensures the battery can be charged up to 270 kilowatts at any fast charging station. A 10 minutes charge is sufficient to power the car for more than 300 km.

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