Thornley Kelham revealed the first new project in its bespoke European programme; the Jaguar XK European which builds on the success of their Lancia Aurelia Outlaw.

The bespoke programme allows customers to transform their vehicles into European specifications which features an all-alloy lightweight body penned by Mclaren P1 designer, Paul Howse. The model features a full range of comfort upgrades, enhancements as well as performance.

The programme weaves together concours restoration skills, industry-leading design, motorsport -grounded engineering and mechanical expertise all carried out in-house by Thoenley Kelham together with his trusted partners.

The exterior of the new Jaguar XK features a lowered roofline, wide arches at the front and rear, wide alloy wire wheels, rear tail that creates a more teardrop form, rear lamps nestled into the bodywork, headlights without the chrome bezels and a subtle crease down the bonnet which follows the split screen into and over the roof.

The interior features a redesigned dashboard, dials surrounded by body color aluminium enveloped in the finest leather, seats that have been improved to offer more support, comfort and space, sporting design door with a new door release, electric windows, a discreet roll cage and electronic gauges.

The Jaguar XK is powered by a 3.8 litre straight-six all-alloy engine producing 160-220 bhp. The engine has been equipped with direct injection, a bespoke camshaft and rebored cylinders for either 300 hp or 340 hp depending on the specification.

An upgraded aluminium radiator with oil cooler as well as louvered bonnet and redesigned vents and apertures are available to ensure the new engine performs more consistently at higher performance.

Additionally, the power is delivered through the redesigned five-speed manual transmission whereas the handling is enhanced with reconfigured suspension all-round, double wishbones at the front, coilovers, tuned Bilstein shock absorbers and Eibach springs.

The restoration and modification process took over 5000 hours to complete.

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