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2022 GRMN Yaris Specs and Pricing (500 Units Only)

GRMN Yaris Circuit

Toyota Gazoo Racing (TGR) officially unveiled the new GRMN Yaris at Tokyo Auto Salon 2022. The new vehicle will be limited to 500 units only and the sales are expected to begin around summer 2022 at the GR Garages in Japan.

The GRMN Yaris is a tuned version of the GR Yaris that went through rigorous refinement with professional drivers.The body rigidity of the new model has been enhanced, the weight has been reduced by 20kgs, the width has been increased by 10mm to improve the aerodynamic and the height has been reduced by 10mm to further lower the centre of gravity.

GRMN Yaris Specs and Price

Length x Width x Height (mm)4,030 x 1,815 x 1,4754,030 x 1,815 x 1,4753,995 x 1,805 x 1,455
Passengers 222
Ground Clearance (mm)120120130
Weight1,260kg1,250kgDepends on DOP
Engine1.6L 3 cylinder turbo1.6L 3 cylinder turbo1.6L 3 cylinder turbo
Gearbox6 Speed Manual with Close-ratio gears + low geared final6 Speed Manual with Close-ratio gears + low geared final6 Speed Manual with Close-ratio gears + low geared final
Price (USD)$63,900$73,900$73,100

Additionally, the vehicle also uses mechanical LSD, a close-ratio gear transmission and a low final gear set which has been thoroughly tested.

The customers will be provided with cars that evolve quickly and can be tailored to individuals liking just like in motorsports. The vehicles have been fitted with improved braking, force, grip and performance based on feedback from experienced drivers.

In addition to the basic grade, a Circuit package focused on road performance will also be available. The Circuit package will be available in a special Matte Steel exterior color and will be sold as a 50-unit limited edition. A Rally package with parts designed to improve the driving performance on all road surfaces will also be available.

Additionally, the Circuit package consists of BBS GRMN dedicated 18-inch wheels,18-inch brakes, Bilstein® shock absorber with adjustable damping force, Carbon (twill weave CFRP) Rear spoiler, Side skirt and a Lip spoiler as manufactures option. The vehicle fitted with this package will be sold for 8,467,000 yen.

The Rally Package consists of GR shock absorber & short stabilizer link set, GR under guard set and GR roll bar (with sidebar). The model equipped with this package will retail for 8,378,764 yen.

The price for a standard GRMN Yaris is 7,317,000 yen.




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