The Hennessey Venom F5 hypercar is designed and built to be the fastest road car in the world. As of August 2021, all planned 24 units had been sold out.

The Venom F5 is powered by a 6.6 litre rear-mounted twin-turbocharged V8 engine delivering an output of 1817 hp at 8000 rpm. The vehicle weighs 1,360 kg resulting to a power-to-weight ratio of 1.34 hp-per-kg, the highest of any road car in the world.

Hennessey Venom F5 Specs and Pricing

Engine6.6L V8 Twin-Turbo Fury - Rear Mid Mounted, cross-plane crank
Horsepower1,817 hp
Torque1,617 nm
Weight1,360 kg
Power-to-weight ratio1.34 hp/kg (Highest in the world for a road car)
Top Speed500km/h (311mph) est.
Gearbox7-Speed Single Clutch Auto Manual or 6-Speed Manual
Production24 Units Worldwide
Acceleration 0–300 km/h: <10s est.
0–400 km/h: 20s est.
Price$2.1 Million (USD)

The new Venom F5 aims to exceed a 500 kph top speed using a production specification car. The record attempt and final speed numbers will be verified by experts from Racelogic using a VBOX GPS system. The speed test will be attended by media guests, F5 customers as well as independent witnesses and a video footage following the speed test will also be aired publicly.

It features butterfly doors, bespoke carbon fibre steering wheel with leather clad inspired by aeroplane ‘yoke’ and an F1’s steering wheel, 7.0 inch instrument display cluster inspired by the display screen in a jet fighter and carbon fibre bucket seats cushioned with leather-clad pads.

Additionally, the interior surfaces of the two-seater consist of both leather and satin finish carbon fibre. The dashboard features leather and aluminium inserts overlaid on the carbon fibre , each door panel is fitted with lightweight carbon fibre door handle and the door handle are adorned with aluminium inserts portraying the Texas and US flags.

The interior also features seats belts finished in gloss carbon fibre, a slimline carbon fibre centre console with various function buttons, a 1.3 inch digital screen for adjusting the HVAC systems, leather and Alcantara accents and a 9.0 inch Alpine touch screen infotainment system with access to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto with satellite navigation.

The exterior of the Venom F5 is shaped by aerodynamics and is inspired by the pursuit of speed. The vehicle features a new designed carbon chassis with a unique carbon weave in herringbone pattern on the centre line of the vehicle, the exterior body panels are built from high-strength carbon fibre and the doors and door sills are also finished in carbon fibre for weight saving.

The carbon fibre tub plays a structural role by enabling the engine bay to be seen clearly. The Venom F5’s dynamics have been developed by the legendary US racing driver and vehicle expert John Heinricy ‘Heinrocket’ whose input will ensure the vehicle offers world-class experience on road and track.

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