Deliveries of the 1000hp Tesla Model S Plaid are currently underway, and a number of owners have already taken the super sedan to the track to test its limits. Last week a lady driven Plaid set the fastest 1/4 time in the world for a Tesla vehicle after doing 8.9s @ 155 MPH – the first 8 second Tesla.

Supercar collector @speedy_jeff decided to take his newly acquired Model S Plaid to the track for some hot laps. According to Jeff, his brakes failed as he was lapping the track at high speed forcing him to slide across the gravel and into the tire walls. Luckily no one was hurt in the incident. There have been a few more reports of poor braking on the Model S Plaid, with most owners agreeing that the powerful sedan needs matching stopping power.

We understand that Tesla is already testing ventilated ceramic brakes which should be offered as an option in future. While the current factory brakes don’t seem to work on the track, they provide ample stopping power during normal street driving.

Aftermarket companies like Unplugged Performance already have big brake kits for sale, their carbon ceramic front BBK costs $9,595 and comes with high temperature racing brake fluids which is also necessary while going out on a track. Most sports cars require an appropriate brake fluid change before heading out on a track. On cars like the Taycan Turbo S, carbon ceramic brakes costs an extra $900, although the actual price of Porsche’s carbon ceramic brakes is about $9,200.

Tesla Model S Plaid Specs and Price

Output:1,020hp and 1.420nm torque
0-60mph2.07s (1.98s on prepped surface)
1/4 mile9.34s @ 152.2mph
Top Speed200mph
Range396 miles EPA
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