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4 New Electric Cars from Mercedes-Benz to Look Out for in 2022/23

2022 Mercedes-Benz EQG

Mercedes-Benz is fully committed to their EV rollout plan, and this is just the beginning. So far, we have seen the EQS (full electric S-Class), the EQB suv (full electric GLB), EQC (full electric GLC suv), EQA suv (full electric GLA) and the EQV.

The following are the upcoming Mercedes-Benz EQ models, expect to see them on the market sometime between 2022 and 2023.


4. Mercedes-AMG EQS 53 4Matic

This is the very first full electric AMG model, it’s based on the regular EQS and comes out as the most powerful full electric car from Mercedes-Benz. It’s powered by two electric motors, one on each axle and benefits from a fully-variable 4Matic all wheel drive system.

Being an AMG model, sound is part of the full AMG experience. To recreate this, AMG has fitted loudspeakers, a sound generator and shakers which work together to produce the real electric sound or fake AMG V8 sounds that you find on today’s gasoline models. The sound will be played inside and out and it will match the driving status, driving modes or a custom driver defined style.

The battery is quite huge too, a 400v battery with 107.8 kWh of usable energy. Up to 300 kW can be recovered when braking and the battery can be recharged up to 300km in just 19 minutes at a quick charging station. It comes with huge 6 pot brakes at the front measuring 415×33 millimetres and single piston brakes at the rear measuring 378×22 mm. The optional ceramic brakes are even larger, measuring 440×40 mm at the front.

Power: 2 electric motors
Range: 526-580 km
Kerb Weight: 2655 kg
Output Basic: 658hp, 950nm
Output AMG Dynamic Plus: 761hp, 1020nm
0-100km/h: 3.4s
Top Speed: 250km/h limited




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