The third generation VW Tiguan will mark the first VW model without a clutch pedal in 2023, the VW Passat as a further model will follow in the same year, as the entire production range moves away from the manual transmission.

A classic model cycle from 2030 will no longer have a model with manual transmission for the European market, USA as well as China.

As of 2021, VW still offers manual transmission both on regular and performance models. The Golf 8 GTI comes with an option for a 6 speed manual while the Golf 8 R has the same option albeit in the North American market only.

The decision supports VW’s transformation towards electromobility, the company will offer electric cars with input gears only by 2030 in Europe.

Across all manufacturers, 1,870 manual transmission vehicles out of 5,838 models are currently on offer in Germany. Therefrom, 218 fitted with a five-speed gearbox and 1,652 with a six-speed gearbox. Out of 353 VW models from 15 series without the Multivan, 214 units are equipped with an automatic transmission including DSG while 139 units are fitted with a manual transmission.

Volkswagen is following Mercedes with the switch, however, the counter rate is higher for VW.

via auto-motor-und-sport

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