All hyper sports cars manufactured by Bugatti are required to undergo extensive tests in order to meet exceptional quality standards. The Bugatti development team set out for the demanding Nurburgring circuit with not less than four models and six engineers. They took over the Nurburgring with the Bugatti Centodieci, Chiron Pur Sport, Divo and the Chiron Super Sport 300+.

The lineup featured the most exclusive vehicle fleet in the world with a net value of just under 20 million euros. The Centodieci is priced at 8m euros, the Divo at 5 million euros, the Chiron Pur Sport at 3 million euros and the Chiron Super Sport 300+ at 3.5m euros.

The Nurburgring circuit is considered to be the world’s most ideal testing circuit with an unusual topography, the circuit consists of 33 left bends, 40 right bends, 17% gradient and an altitude difference of 300 metres. The total distance of the test circuit is 20.832km.

When the vehicles are competing on the circuit, the engineers will note down the overall performance of each vehicle to ensure it delivers perfect differentiation within the performance range of the Bugatti Chiron. After the test drives, the results are further analyzed and transmitted to the development team for further execution.

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In the case of the Chiron Super Sport 300+, the developers and engineers check and verify the chassis series setup as finalized before, the hyper sports car was primarily built for top speeds of upto 440km/h. In addition, the developers take the handling and characteristics of the Divo and Chiron Pur Sport models as benchmarks for the new Chiron Super Sport 300+ and the Centodieci.

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