Dubai has positioned itself as a city of all things luxury, and supercars are littered around every corner. Some of the biggest supercar collectors reside here, permanently or just temporary for business reasons. Dubai’s architecture is unlike any other, here you will find some of the most expensive houses and apartments.

Ever wondered how parking lots in these luxury residences look like? Well, our colleague Martin happens to live in Bluewaters, a man-made island located off the coast of Jumeirah Beach Residence. He managed to snap a few photos from one of the parking lots. It’s not every day you find a Bugatti Chiron parked in an apartment building, but this specific building harbors some of the most expensive penthouses in Dubai.

Supercars in Dubai

From the photos we can see a McLaren Senna, an Aventador SVJ, two Mansory cars (a Cullinan and an Urus), a standard Cullinan, a GT2 RS and a Ford GT among others. A Huracan wrapped in Bitcoin livery is seen driving off at a distance. At certain lucky times, the parking lot can house up to 30 unique hypercars including LaFerraris, McLaren P1s, Porsche 918s and more.

You are probably wondering why someone would pay $30k a month rent while they could easily finance a home for the same rate, but there is a good reason for that. Being a man-made island, Bluewaters infrastructure is fixed and cannot be changed, one cannot simply decide to build a house here. Ready mansions go for around $6 million or more.

In this particular residence, rental rates range from about $6,000/month all the way to $30k/month for the penthouses. According to Martin, most residents are owners of these properties and therefore not renting.

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