Following up on the success of Maserati’s incredible Levante Trofeo, Maserati has announced that they’re going to offer a Trofeo version of every car in their portfolio, which should utterly transform the cars in their lineup. Each will be represented by a special color trim to identify it as being a Trofeo trim level: The Ghibli Trofeo will be signified by the color red, The Levante Trofeo by white, and the Quattroporte Trofeo by green. Yes, those are the colors of the Italian flag. They’re obviously proud of this step. And rightly so.

Each Maserati Trofeo model will receive the awesome (and awesome-sounding) Ferrari-built twin-turbo 3.8L V8 as the powerplant. While this will be a first for the Ghibli, the Levante and Quattroporte have both benefited from Maserati V8’s in the past and as our 2019 test of the Levante Trofeo showed, the benefit is AMAZING. Making 580 hp and 730 Nm of torque, the engine promises to deliver stunning performance improvements for each model. The sound alone will be worth it.

All Trofeos will incorporate Maserati’s IVC system (Integrated Vehicle Control) that brings enhanced driving dynamics, improved safety features, and a massive performance jump. All cars will also receive Corsa and Launch Control switches in the center console for an effortless personality change from sophisticated luxury car to near-race performance car.

In the design department, all Trofeo models will be distinguished by twin vertical piano black bars in the front grille and carbon fiber front air ducts and carbon fiber rear extractors. The bottom profiles of the side air vents and the lightning bolt through the Trident badge on the C-pillars will also become red, and the rear lights have been redesigned with a boomerang profile to mimic those on the gorgeous Alfieri concept car.

The Ghibli Trofeo will get a unique bonnet, restyled to feature two aggressive air ducts like the current Levante Trofeo for better cooling, and the Ghibli and Quattroporte will come with aluminum 21” Orione wheels standard. 22” Oriones will be available on the Levante.

Inside, your new Trofeo will feature a new exclusive interface screen and headrests featuring the Trofeo badge on upgraded Pieno Fiore natural leather. The ADAS (Advance Driver Assistance System) will have exclusive new functions and the assisted driving function can now be activated on urban roads and ordinary highways. All multimedia screens are upgraded with finer resolution for better detail and graphics as well as overall size and all Trofeos will have a full-time online connection.

Having been utterly amazed by the Levante Trofeo and the level of performance it delivered, we’re extremely eager to explore the other Trofeo models and deliver reviews to you soon.

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