The reborn Karma Automotive company (previously Fisker) released a new concept car at the Los Angeles Auto Show 2019 this week. A specialist in EV vehicles, the two-door supercar is as eye-catching as the Fisker Karma which came before.

The Karma SC2 delivers its power through the front and rear-mounted electric motors which deliver 800 kW – around 1,100 hp – of power. At the wheels, the SC2 puts out 14,000 Nm of torque.

The power allows the Karma SC2 to hit 60 mph in under 1.9 seconds. It also manages a fairly respectable 350 miles on a pure electric range.

Karma equips the SC2 with carbon-ceramic brakes, push-rod operated racing suspension and a Karma torque vectoring gearbox. It has apparently been designed with the ability to cruise like a GT car, yet handle the canyons better than any other EV.

The Karma SC2 has one-of-a-kind Drive and Play technology through which you should be able to re-live previous drives through simulated driving experiences in their own vehicles. The system uses a triple high definition camera under the windshield and frequency-modulated continuous-wave (FMCW) lidar sensors to capture a 360 view of the car in motion, within a 3D environment.

The technology captures the entire driving experience in real-time; turns, braking, acceleration, light simulations, sounds, air temperature and audio playlist. After the drive, SC2’s adaptive laser projector replays the journey while the vehicle is parked, while a mounted smartphone acts as the cabin’s rear-view mirror.

Drivers can then share their Drive and Play experience with others, and also stream drivers’ routes from around the world within their own vehicles, experiencing driving simulations at world-famous roads and race tracks.

The design is pretty striking too. It gets a Vapor Gray hand-painted body. The shape is two-door, with the cockpit sitting very far back. Despite resembling a front-engined GT car, the 120 kWh batteries are actually fitted in the centre tunnel, beneath the dashboard and the seats. Those scissor doors are a big distraction too!

There are more gimics too. Vehicle entry is through fingerprint and facial recognition sensors. Inside the cabin, there are biometric seats and steering wheel, 3D audio, and electro-chromatic glass.

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