Legendary German tuning firm Gemballa recently revealed that it would be working on a proprietary hypercar project. The Gemballa hypercar was announced earlier this year. The development process has now officially began with funds sourced from a series of investors.

Gemballa has released a new photo previewing the direction it intends to take with the hypercar. The company has announced that it intends to show a prototype as early as the beginning of 2020 with development continuing.

The aims of the project are to produce a hypercar that hits 100 km/h in less than 2.5 seconds and 200 km/h in around 6.5 seconds. Although information on the drivetrain is yet to be released, we are told that the unnamed Gemballa hypercar will make extensive use of carbon fibre and lightweight design to achieve this. Previous releases have suggested that the engine will be pur combustion with around 800 hp.

Steffen Korbach, Gemballa’s CEO, said: “We’re now concentrating on building one of the last pure sports cars, a modern classic with an outstanding appearance and performance. A pure GEMBALLA car needs petrol and sound. Not all new trends are cool.”

The hypercar would be the first in Gemballa history. Until now, Gemballa has only modified existing hypercars. The photo shows a mid-engined hypercar with a huge rear wing and strong aerodynamic cues. The use of carbon fibre is clear to see within the front spoile and cannards, the door bonnet, the side panels and the rear wing.

There is no word on when the car might eventually be released, although if the timeline Gemballa announced earlier this year remains correct then we could see it as early as 2022.

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