De Tomaso has returned, just in time for the company’s 60th anniversary. The Italian brand has a chequered history with the sorts of highs and lows you would expect from a low volume sports car manufacturer. It’s latest owner is hoping that it can revive those fortunes with a brand new, hypercar-level Concept car.

The Company has revealed few details about the specific engineering highlights of the vehicle. We do know that it uses the same carbon monocoque chassis as the Apollo IE, the two companies are part of a group and the design is being handled by the same sub-contractor. De Tomaso have not yet decided on an engine, yet they have, for the purpose of presenting something that moves, shoehorned a Ferrari V12 into the engine bay for the time being. We also know that the power will be routed through the rear wheels via a manual gearbox.

The interior is also impressive. The De Tomaso P72 gets traditional dials and makes do without an all-singing infotainment system. A blend of carbon fibre, tanned leather, and exposed metal work gives it a look to rival Pagani. We are told that many of the elements are polished copper. The leather gets a diamond pattern and the gear shifting mechanism is also exposed.

The De Tomaso P72 takes its inspiration from endurance car racing in the 60’s and 70’s with a low slung, mid-engined design. This is no mistake. The inspiration for the P72 can be traced to the stillborn P70 prototype racer. That particular model was a collaboration between the company’s founder, Alejandro de Tomaso and Carroll Shelby. It was never mass produced and only one example is know to exist. De Tomaso will be hoping that the P72 does not suffer the same fate.

Costing has also been announced. De Tomaso plan to produce 72 copies at a price of 750,000 euros. If you are interested, the company are accepting expressions of interest.

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