McLaren’s High Downforce Kit returns for the 570S! The High Downforce Kit was an optional extra on the famed McLaren F1. It added kit from the limited edition LM model, preparing the standard road car for the race track in the process. McLaren will now do the same for the 570S.

The fixed rear wing is different to the version McLaren fit to the range-topping 600LT. It gets a flatter profile with an integrated central stop light. The carbon fibre unit adds 75 kg of downforce. It also includes a set of underfloor guide vanes to better direct airflow.

In terms of style, the spoiler is constructed from carbon fibre. The supporting pylons are gloss black aluminium units with contrasting Palladium Grey inlays. The end plates feature silver chromatic MSO logos under the lacquer top coat.

The MSO Defined High Downforce Kit is available direct from McLaren dealers and carries a recommended retail price of £7,950 in the UK.


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