Listed has been a company of mixed fortunes through the years. Dominant through the 1950’s, the company petered into obscurity in the following years. It’s competition cars from the 1950’s are highly sought after. A few years ago, Lister was revitalised with an injection of cash from a father-son team. Since then, the company has announced production of several new models, the latest, the new Lister Knobbly!

The Lister Knobbly is purely concept at this stage, although the company have announced intentions to see it into production. Lister have released a few renderings to gauge interest. The designs show a characteristics similar to the Knobbly of the 1950’s. The front is incredibly low with a set of round headlights. The looks hint at a front-mounted engine and rear wheel drive.

Lister Knobbly

Technical details are yet to be announced. Given the history Lister maintains with fellow British marque Jaguar, we suspect the underpinnings are from the F-Type. This is unconfirmed.

The name harks back to the 1950’s race cars. While not quite as successful as the Jaguar D-Types upon which they were loosely based (using the same engine and gearbox) they were distinctive at the race track. Lister have been producing continuation versions of the original Knobbly since 2014.

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