Rumours are circulating surrounding Bugatti’s attendance at the Geneva Motor Show 2019. Of course, the French brand attends the Swiss show every year. What has people talking is the talk of a one-off Chiron based project that insiders say will be unveiled. Adding further fuel to the fire are a series of social media postings Bugatti has made over the month. They all concern the Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic, Bugatti’s most iconic design.

We reported on a rumoured one-off Bugatti a few weeks back. It’s believed that the car has been commissioned by ex-Volkswagen CEO Ferdinand Piëch at a cost approaching €16 million. Piëch is a known fan of the revived Bugatti brand having owned multiple Veyron’s and one of the early Chirons. He also controls vast wealth. He could feasibly afford such a car.

What has accelerated the rumourmill is the arrival of a series of Bugatti posts about the Type 57SC Atlantic. Bugatti made 4 of these coveted models. Fast, elegant and bizarre, they are regarded as one of the very first supercars. Of the four produced, only three remain.

The suggestion is that Bugatti’s one-off will be based around the idea of a modern Atlantic interpretation. We have less than a week to wait!

one-off Bugatti

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