A newcomer will be at the Geneva Motor Show 2019. It will carry a familiar name! It is the work of Anton Piëch, son of Ferdinand Piëch, formally CEO of Volkswagen Group. The Piëch Mark Zero will be cut from the family tradition, a two-door, two-seat sports car. After all, Anton is the great grandson of the venerable Ferdinand Porsche!

There is hope that the Piëch Mark Zero will reach production in 2022. A battery powered electronic vehicle, the Piëch Mark Zero will get a long bonnet and coupe proportions. Three electric motors will be mounted, one in the front and two in the rear. The lithium-ion batteries are positioned in the central tunnel and in the rear, below the motors.

The Piëch Mark Zero is expected to hit a top speed of around 150 to 160 mph, although power figures have not yet been announced. It will get an electric range of over 310 miles. Interestingly, the platform is said to be multi-functional. Capable of handling an electronic drivetrain, a hydrogen powertrain, a plug-in-hybrid powertrain, and even conventionally powered engines. Future-proof!

Anton Piëch has secured 20 employees for the project with 200 more engaged through sub-contractors in various elements of the design and engineering. The design has been penned by Hungarian designer Laszlo Varga, a relatively untested designer from Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

After the Mark Zero, Piëch plans to release an SUV followed soon after by a four-seater sedan.


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