Bentley are working on a Bentley Bentayga Speed SUV. To be honest, this news comes as no surprise. The British brand has seen success with its SUV and, as with all of its other models, is looking to produce a range topping performance model. The ‘Speed’ model is the natural top of the tree.

The rumours, which originate from UK magazine Autocar, suggest that we could see the Bentley Bentayga Speed during the first half of this year, possibly during the Geneva Motor Show 2019.

The super-SUV is expected to use the twin-turbocharged 6.0-litre W12 petrol engine with a range of electronic tweaks. Power output is anticipated at 650 hp with a sub-4 second 100 km/h sprint time and a top speed in the region of 306 km/h. Bentley will also work on the chassis of the Bentayga to ensure that the additional power does not have a negative effect on the chassis.

Expect similar increases in interior luxuries and upholstery as well as a series of updates for the exterior to set it apart from other models. A Bentley Bentayga plug-in hybrid model is also set to join the range in late 2019, offering the first hybrid power SUV in Bentley’s history. Don’t forget too that 2019 is Bentley’s centenary year so expect surprises along the way to celebrate!

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