BMW are apparently working on a supercar. Plans are afoot in Munich for a hybrid powered supercar, based upon the structure of the current BMW i8. The i8 has been the drama in BMW’s range since its launch in 2013. BMW are now rumoured to be working on something more powerful, more expensive, and more dramatic!

The BMW supercar would allegedly pit itself against the McLaren 570S. BMW might potentially sell it as a halo car, debuting advancements in electrification, light-weighting and new materials. Rumours also suggest that the BMW i8 might not get a direct successor, with the supercar taking its place in the mode range.

Autocar are suggesting that the Supercar would be powered by a larger combustion engine than the i8, using a revised version of the same chassis. This would be supplemented by some form of electrified drivetrain for a total power output in the region of 700 hp.

Supercars are not virgin territory for BMW. BMW offered an M1 in the 1980’s. Since then, rumours of a BMW supercar have surfaced regularly. The rumours seem to have some basis in reality this time though. Manufacturers seem keen to capitalise on the demand for supercars. BMW have also presented several concepts in recent years, perhaps to guage market interest in a new performance model.

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