A 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T Convertible seems to have made it into the classifieds. Popular luxury website JamesEdition recently listed the rare muscle car for sale. It looks to be offered privately, although the text which accompanied the listing requires a bit of work!

You may ask what makes the 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T Convertible so special? Not least because of the $1,895,000 price tag. For starters, Dodge produced only 9 hemi-powered convertible Challengers in 1970. Dodge only offered a convertible in 1970 with 1,070 new R/T convertibles sold; only 9 of Dodge’s customers selected the Hemi engine. Of those 9, 4 chose an automatic, 5 chose a manual gearbox.

The 426 Hemi that powers this version is essentially a de-tuned racing engine. Couple the 425 hours engine with an E-Body chassis that clearly could not handle the power, the result is the pinnacle of muscle car excess! These cars are the muscle car equivalent to the Ferrari 250 GTO, only rarer!

The car in question is finished in a Plum Crazy Purple colour with a black interior. It is located in Phoenix, Arizona. The perfect opportunity for a car collector!

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