Rumours have been spreading over the past few days about a project coming from Hethel-based sportscar manufacturer Lotus. The rumours suggest that a hypercar is in the works with a $2.5 million price tag. Sources are calling the hypercar Lotus Project Omega and it is slated to be all-electric. Could the information be accurate?

Lotus have been quiet for years. The company have stuck to producing three models since the days of Dany Bahar, the Lotus Elise, the Lotus Exige and the Lotus Evora. While there have been a number of special projects, cars like the trackday special 3-Eleven, Lotus have hardly rocked the boat with new development work.

Yet Lotus changed hands in 2017. It was purchased by a new Chinese owner, Geely, who promised investment into the business to the tune of £1.5 billion. It had big plans shortly after, announcing that it would open a new design centre in Coventry, take on an additional 200 staff and open a Chinese factory to cater for customers in the far east.

The rumours, which emirate from respected British magazine Autocar, suggest that the hypercar would be the fastest in Lotus history and built in strictly limited numbers. It suggests that we could see a a concept version as early as next year.

The Geeley brand includes Volvo, Polestar, Lynk&Co, taxi maker LEVC, Proton and flying car maker Terrafugia so it is possible that technology could be taken from these other manufacturers. The rumours suggest that the Lotus Project Omega will get a power figure in excess of 1,000 hp and next-generation battery technology.

The Lotus project would be pitched in an expanding market. Chinese manufacturer NIO has been flouting its Nio EP9 in recent years. Rimac are also producing some very interesting hypercar beating machines and Tesla plan to bring a new Roadster into the market soon, albeit at a different price point.

Project Omega isn’t the only new car that Lotus engineers appear to be working on. The British company have announced that they will build an SUV, although exact details on that project remain under wraps.

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