Rumours have ignited that suggest Ferrari are currently planning a Ferrari 812 Convertible. The rumours have been supplemented by a render, produced by Jonathan Machado. If the rumours are to be believed, the 812 Convertible will arrive within the next 12 months as a limited edition model.

The rumours fit with what Ferrari has previously done with its V12 front engine models. The Ferrari F12, for example, received the one-off barchetta, the Ferrari F12 TRS and the Ferrari F60 America, limited to 10 examples. The Ferrari 599 had the 599 SA Aperta, a highly sought-after collectors model, limited to just 80 pieces.

The Ferrari 812 Convertible is likely to use the folding hardtop system similar to the Ferrari 488. This will mean that it should get prominent roll-over bars with a relatively small section of the roof cut out, as opposed to the barchetta models which feature a much larger cut-out.

We are talking about rumours at the moment though, so nothing is known for sure. The 812 Superfast currently uses Ferrari’s 6.5 litre V12 engine with a massive power output of 789 hp. If the Convertible gets the same engine (which is highly likely) it should prove to be one of the fastest convertibles on the planet.

We know that cutting the roof off the Ferrari 812 chassis is technically possible too. The recent Ferrari Monza SP is based on the same chassis and receives a complete barchetta makeover. Maintaining a Ferrari 488 Spider-style opening can only aid in making a vehicle which is more structurally balanced.

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